While we continue to talk about apps, one of our readers (who is also a Toronto office space tenant) asked us “Does every business need an App?” This was a great question and something that we had been thinking of for quite some time, as we have been pondering if we really need to create an app for our office space Toronto.

Here are some factors to consider before you decide to create an app for your business.

The first thing you need to do is to define the purpose of your application and prioritize all of your business and marketing considerations. Then you can determine the solution that will best address those needs now and into the future – and if an app will fill those needs.

Then next thing is to have a purpose for your app. Remember, there should be a business decision that is driving the process. Whatever your goal, you need to define it first before planning your app.

Who is the likely audience that is going to use this app and what would inspire them to use it? Consider how frequently these people engage with your business. People tend to download apps for things they do regularly, not things they search for infrequently.

Consider the cost of developing an app and how often it will be downloaded and used. For most small to medium-sized businesses, budget is a consideration that needs to be determined before exploring the app world. Developing mobile apps for a single operating system, let alone multiple operating systems or devices, can be quite an expensive undertaking.

As Telsec explored the idea of a mobile app, it became apparent that having a mobile app to promote our office space Toronto and virtual office solutions would not be a good use of budget or resources. The real determining factor was that people would not likely download an app to help them explore information about Telsec’s Toronto office space. Rather, they would look at our mobile-friendly website instead.

We have not closed the doors on having a Telsec app. This Telsec app that we would consider building would be one that is offered as a service to our office for rent Toronto tenants and message mail service customers – to help them better interact with the services we provide while they are out of their office.

Let us know what your favorite apps are and what apps you use on a daily basis. Also, please do comment on our other blog postings over the next 6 weeks for a chance to win some prizes.

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