June is Bike Month, a celebration of cycling in the Greater Toronto Area with hundreds of community events scheduled – including rides, races, tours, festivals and more.

Bicycle commuting is becoming more popular in Toronto. In fact, many of our office tenants cycle to work or leave the office by bicycle – and we want to encourage more people to do the same. There are plenty of dedicated bicycle lanes downtown, but none as spectacular as the Queens Quay portion of the Martin Goodman Trail. This trail leads you right to the front doors of 1 Yonge Street. There are plenty of bicycle racks on the Yonge Street (west) side of the Toronto Star Building and a few on the Queens Quay (south) side of the building. There are even people in the building who have collapsible folding bikes that they take right into their office.

Telsec is a very bicycle-friendly office space that not only sponsors the Toronto International Bicycle Show, but in the coming months, we will be giving away an Opus Bike to one of our subscribers. Keep following us and you could be the person who wins that bike.