As I watch the goings on with Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien and the rest of this late night fiasco, I am reminded of a show back in the 90’s called “Battle of the Network Stars”. The big difference today is that the “Network Stars” who are battling it out, are all on one network NBC.

NBC having realized the mistake they may have made by putting Jay Leno into prime time has decided to try to shuffle time slots and push the prime time Jay Leno show back one hour and then push subsequent shows like “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien” back an hour as well… then all of the other late night talk shows on NBC back as well.  This will make the Jimmy Fallen’s show starting around 3 am.  This move has just put the line up back to the way that it was before Conan O’Brien took over “The Tonight Show”.

The more I read about the spin that NBC is trying to put on it and that the stars themselves are now making jokes and comedy bits about this decision, I can only think that NBC has hired some writers from the world of professional wrestling. Poor Vince McMahon over at the WWE (World Wresting Entertainment) can only be wishing that he could have come up with a story line like this to get the free publicity like NBC is getting from this battle.

As I am thinking of this story, I can only think of what would happen at Telsec if a client with many years at the location gave up a board room booking.  The staff at Telsec would not try to push a newer client out of a board room or meeting room booking, just because the older client decided they wanted the time they originally booked (and then canceled) back. At Telsec the booking of boardrooms and meeting rooms is on a first come first served basis and there is no favoritism given to certain clients based on how long they have rented Toronto office space.