To be considered a true heatwave it must be over 32 degrees for three consecutive days and today it hit over 35 (not including the humidity factor). The City of Toronto upgraded the “Heat Alert” they posted on Sunday, to an “Extreme Heat Alert” today. The city has opened several cooling centres such as Metro Hall that will be open for residents to cool off.

Instead of going into my air conditioned downtown Toronto office space today, I had to work from home (where the air conditioning was not working) and wait for a delivery. While I was at home I had CP24 on the television in the background. One of the stories they were talking about was about the 84 year old Queen and 89 year old Prince Philip visiting Research In Motion at the companies Waterloo headquarters. Part of the visit was inside, but the Queen did do a walk through the crowd. I can not imagine how she is taking this heat wave. The interesting thing about the trip to RIM is that the Queen was given her very own personalized BlackBerry Bold 9700. Her Majesty is not new to the BlackBerry, she actually got her first one back in 2007 after she was introduced to the smart phone by her son, the Duke of York.

I will be so happy when I get to my air conditioned office space Toronto tomorrow. Meanwhile there are those who are looking to get away to their cottages and have their calls forwarded by the receptionist, without their clients knowing they are not in their office.