The first day of winter is not until December 21, 2010 and we already have our first taste of snow. It may not be the biggest dumping of snow we will get this winter season, but our first snow fall is enough to throw people into a panic.  Ever since the mainstream popularity of the  SUV, I have joked with my friends that it is not winter until the first SUV goes into the ditch. This is due to the fact that people buy SUVs expecting they will not have any problems with winter driving conditions, but because they do not understand that a heavier SUV makes them more likely for problems in the winter months. They expect the vehicle to help them, but forget the limitations of having a heavier vehicle.

While the snow we got today was a little bit of a surprise to me, it came as no real surprise that I would witness a four wheel drive SUV run into problems on my local roads. I smartly decided to take a walk today to the local shopping mall because of the black ice in my driveway. I did not have to go as far as the next street to see a 2011 model SUV on the lawn of an apartment building. The driver had no winter driving experience, but felt the four wheel power of the vehicle and did not know how it would not stop on the slick conditions.

Too many people are looking for a vehicle that will go in the snow, but forget that they also want to know how to stop in the snow. When I was doing my Toronto office Space search, I looked for a place where I could optimize how I handled my photo calls, but also somewhere that I could have control over my phone calls. My downtown Toronto office space receptionist can send my calls to my office space, to my cell phone, or directly to my voice mail.