Charlie Sheen before his walk in Toronto

Charlie Sheen Takes a Walk in Toronto

It began on Friday when I was told about Charlie Sheens tweets, it seems that he was tweeting about walking from his hotel (The Ritz Carlton, Toronto) to his show venue Massey Hall to raise awareness for Bi Polar disorders. I decided to get my camera ready and head down early to get a good spot in front of the hotel. I decided to wear cargo shorts and a bowling shirt inspired by Charlie’s character on “Two and half Men”, but that was my mistake.

Charlie did not emerge from the Ritz Carlton hotel until just before 7 PM, almost an hour after his walk was scheduled to begin. When he came out, he surveyed the crowd from under the hotel awning and headed over to a waiting SUV. Instead of getting into the SUV, he got up on the hood of the truck to talk to the crowd. Immediately, the TV news crews pushed their way past the fans so they could get their shots. Polite Canadian fans did not resist the pushing and shoving out of the way by TV camera crews.  At one point when Charlie got off the hood of the SUV and started walking, the camera crews would not give him a chance to walk and almost ended the walk. Charlie’s private security detail and police were finally able to get the TV cameras to move and let him walk, but not before the fans started chanting “Let Him Walk”.

As he proceeded along Wellington to University Avenue, the only people who seemed to be able to get close to Charlie were the pushy camera crews. A few openings for fans to banter back and forth with Charlie came as he was walking up University towards Queen Street, I myself was able to slip a few words into Charlie and he replied back. All along the route police with bicycles were forcing people to stay on the sidewalk, which caused more congestion on the small sidewalks of Toronto. I would have hated to be someone coming in the opposite direction.

When the walk finally ended at Massey Hall, Charlie climbed the fire escape of the famous Toronto landmark and tried to talk to those who had gathered. Since he did not have a sound system or a microphone, Charlie had to rely on the crowd quieting down so they could hear him. In good Canadian manor, the crowd did stop their shouts and chants to let Charlie speak. I was able to shoot video of both his speech in front of the Ritz Carlton and at Massey Hall after the walk.

Charlie on Hood of SUV

Charlie on Fire Escape of Massey Hall

It was an epic walk that my girlfriend said was more exciting than the tourist bus fire she witnessed across the road from my office space Toronto at the Toronto Star Building, where she too now works.

Someone Dressed as Rose from Two and a Half Men

Rose from Two and a Half Men

Saturday night was also all about Charlie Sheen, as a friend had a Charlie Sheen party. He re-arranged his photo studio to feel like a hotel room where Charlie would entertain. People were encouraged to dress as their favorite “Two and a Half Men” characters. He even hid a watch and invited everyone to search for it so that they could win a pair of tickets to an even he is holding in May.  The party was a great success and everyone left happy they had attended.

Sunday morning my girlfriend and I decided to go for brunch. I was still quite tired, so I just put back on the Charlie Sheen inspired bowling shirt that I had worn Saturday night. When we sat down at the local Golden Griddle and I took my jacket off, the hostess made a joke that I looked like Charlie… only thing is, I am shaved bald and Charlie has a full head of hair.

Tonight we are going to a dinner party that has nothing to do with Charlie Sheen, but it is an inspired theme, The Anglo-Saxon goddess Eostre is really pure invention, a story told by “scholars” to explain the origins of Easter.

With so much going on this weekend, I am thinking that I will want to sleep in on Monday and not go into my downtown Toronto office space. This is an easy decision to make because I know that I can call the receptionist at my executive suites Toronto in the morning and have her forward my calls to my cell phone instead of my Toronto executive offices.