As September nears to a close, so does the approach of flu season. While traditionally flu season is from November to April, cases are already being reported of the H1N1 (swine flue) The first pandemic swine flu outbreak of Canada’s fall flu season has struck remote aboriginal communities on Vancouver Island in westernmost Canada.

Even FluWatch (Canada’s national surveillance system) who monitors the spread of flu and flu-like illnesses on an on-going basis. FluWatch reports are posted every Friday, they contain specific information for health professionals on flu viruses circulating in Canada. According to FluWatch “The intensity of Pandemic (H1N1) infection 2009 in the population is low to moderate with a small number of hospitalizations” This does not mean you should not protect yourself. The main places where flu’s spread are schools and work places.

Back when the first outbreaks of swine flu were being reported in Canada, Telsec Business Office Centres made a special flu fighting kit available to its clients courtesy of the building management. These kits include special surface cleaners and hand sanitizing lotion. The flus is mostly spread by the touching of common surfaces.  Studies have shown that a virus can remain active on surfaces for up to two to eight hours after being deposited there. Thus, it is advised to frequently disinfect surfaces, particularly work stations, countertops, door knobs, and bathroom surfaces.

Does your Toronto office space have a plan to fight the flu?  At Telsec we believe a healthy office client is a happy office client, so on top of offering the flu fighting kit, we are also being more diligent in having staff wipe down frequently touched surfaces such as boardroom tables and chairs.