It only feels like yesterday that I was enjoying summer, it is hard to believe that November is almost over and that Christmas is just over a month away. I was reminded of this on Sunday as I was driving downtown and got caught in traffic as Mother Goose was passing along Bloor Street. I had forgotten that Sunday was the Toronto Santa Clause Parade.

All of the signs were out there that the Christmas shopping season is upon us. The malls and stores started playing Christmas music November 1st, Christmas lights are starting to appear on homes and apartment balconies (some never come down), and Christmas gift packages are filling the isles of the LCBO. Other signs of Christmas coming soon is that some retailers already advertising early Boxing Day sales.

This Thursday is the American Thanksgiving and the following day is the infamous Black Friday. The day that US retailers kick off the Christmas shopping season with drastically reduced prices on everything from toys to high end electronics and gadgets. Not only retail stores have Black Friday sales, but also online retailers put their offerings on sale.

All of this reminded me that I had not even started to think of Christmas shopping, I have no clue where and when to begin. I only have a few people to buy for, but that does not make it any easier.

Earlier today I was working on some new copy for the Toronto virtual office page of this website and remembered that a friend once bought his wife the gift of a virtual office Toronto at the same place as I have my Toronto office space. Unfortunately for me, none of the people I am buying for could use a virtual office or a downtown Toronto office space. Having a private office in Toronto at Telsec will help me this Christmas shopping season, as I can have my online purchases shipped there without having to be in the office to sign for the package.

I have to close this blog with a message to my friend Les.

NO…You cannot send me one of your cat’s kittens to my office space Toronto, even if the courier company says they will deliver it. The receptionist will not sign for a live animal as a rule. I have warned her that you may try to find a sneaky way to do so, so give up on trying to offload a kitten on me.