As a reward for “Liking” Telsec – Office Space Toronto on Facebook (, we started a contest with our clients for a chance to win a $20 Tim Hortons card. This got a fair number of “Like” clicks, but it also brought up a few questions from Toronto office space and virtual office Toronto clients who did not have a Facebook account. They wanted to know how they too could get in on the draws we will be having for gift cards, as well as how they can use the social media that they subscribe to, in order to stay in touch with what is going on with us.

We decided that we would now expand the awarding of gift cards and prizes to those who follow us on Twitter (!/TelsecDotNet) or those who share or comment on this blog, as well as those who follow us on Linkedin (—office-space-toronto).

Social media is not only a new way for people to share their likes and let their friends know what they are up to, but it is also a way of networking to find services and products. Many people look to their friends and colleagues on social networking sites for advice and recommendations.

Besides contests and prizes, “Liking”, “Sharing” and “Following” is not just for fun. Businesses are realizing that social networking is also a way of getting feedback from clients and prospective customers. The more feedback you get from your customers and clients, the better prepared you are to service them.

At Telsec-office space Toronto, we are now finding that in a business centre environment, companies and entrepreneurs want to work with other companies that share that same business environment. They also want to know about any news or changes that are taking place at their office space Toronto. Social networking within a shared office environment allows for micro and macro networking, without a need for a downtown Toronto office space Intranet.