A seemingly homeless man who has been flooded with job offers after an online video went viral. The video featured his smooth announcing voice. A number of radio personalities including Howard Stern, had their doubts as to whether this video was real or a hoax. Some feel that it was a publicity stunt for the radio station that he called out the letters of during the interview.

Ted Williams claims to be an out of work and homeless person after years of drug and alcohol abuse. Williams stated that he has been clean for over 2 years, but did not have the resources to get back into the voice business.

Williams became an overnight celebrity after The Columbus Dispatch posted a web video of him showing off his amazing announcer voice skills. He even appeared on CBS with his mother, who said their reunion in New York on Thursday was the first time she’d seen her son in person in 10 years. New York City resident Julia Williams calls him a prodigal son come back home.

Mr. Williams story also had me sceptical, because when I used to take the Bay bus to and from my Downtown Toronto office space, there was a scam artist there every day. I am speaking of “The Shakey Lady” who would pan handle on Bloor Street. She would wear a shabby red jacket. Her hair was grey and scraggly under a faded purple kerchief. A garbage bag covered her legs. People throw money on it. She had a sign that claimed she was sick. People would put $10 and $20 bills in her lap. Through some investigation, one reporter was able to follow her getting into a car and heading up to a nice home in Thronhill. It was estimated that should bring in about $2500 a week tax free.

What a contrast today, now that I drive to my office space Toronto at One Yonge Street, I do not encounter the likes of the shakey lady or many other pan handlers, they do not seem to come south of the Gardener Expressway.  I guess another reason for not seeing any persons pan handling is that my parking spot is in the underground of  the Toronto Star Building. I simply drive in and take the elevator to the 18th floor.