A while back I got an invitation via Facebook, to attend a high school reunion for all the people who graduated in the 1980’s. This sounded great, as the last reunion I went to was attended by primarily people who graduated in the 1960’s and 1970’s. They truly overshadowed and made up a much larger group of people than those who attended in the 1980’s, especially those who graduated in the late 80’s.

They themed the larger gym with 1960’ and 70’s photos and memorabilia, while fashioning the smaller gym with 1980’s and 90’s photos and pop references. As the dance portion of the school anniversary reunion went along, it became apparent that the big gym was packed and the smaller gym with the more recent (1980’s, 1990’s and the 2000’s) was almost empty. This made me believe that it was too soon for my classmates to consider reuniting.
When I arrived at this reunion there was plenty of people from the early 80’s and again not many from the late 80’s. Surprisingly, there was about 7 people from the class of 1989 who I recognized, but not one from the class of 1987 that I knew.

I made the best of the daytime event, which the facilities permit office for the school board forced them to call the ”unofficial reunion” because it was not a school sanctioned event. We were restricted to the cafeteria and the auditorium. We could not go look at our old class rooms or our lockers. I really wanted to see my locker and see what was written on it.
The second part of the “unofficial reunion” was held at a local pub called Lion ON the Beach, our school mascot was a Lion, so this kinda worked.
It was at this later party I ran into more people that I actually went to high school with. My comfort level went up.

Along came a woman who said “I know you” and I clearly did not remember her from high school, but I recognized her. She graduated from my high school in 1984, three years before I did and a year before I transferred to the school. We struggled to figure out how we knew each other and eventually gave up.

Today, I was in the kitchen of my Toronto office space grabbing a cup of the free complimentary coffee, I ran into this woman I had seen before at my Toronto downtown office . It was the same woman I met at the reunion. It turns out we did go to the same high school, but that was not how she recognized me.. It was meeting in our shared office space that we had run into each other .

When I had shared office space, I was there in the evenings and she was there in the days. So we did not see each other until I took my Toronto executive office space and started coming into the kitchen during the day that I ran into her.
Wow, small world that we live in.