Scent Sensitive OfficeA while back we blogged about having a scent friendly office space. What we did not cover in that blog was the effect that scents may have on customers or potential clients. This past weekend opened the eyes of this blog writer to the effects of scents on visitors.

While I was hired to assist a photographer at a rental studio space, I witnessed other people having problems with scents in the workspace. In this case, it was not an individual who had too much perfume or cologne on – it was an automated air freshener that was overacting and putting too much fragrance in the air. At one point one of the models took it upon herself to take the battery out of the device so she could breathe!

Yes, workplace and office space odours do happen, but trying to mask them with artificial scents and sprays can actually cause more harm than good! Finding other solutions that are less invasive and more scent friendly are a better way to deal with odours. One of the biggest problems that keeps odours thriving are carpets. Cleaning them is great, but regular maintenance is important. Spreading baking soda on a carpet before vacuuming, for example, is scent neutral and will help to remove the odours that they hold.

Finding the real problem behind office space odours is key to removing them, and not trying to mask them. Yes, that tapestry on the wall is a piece of art, but over the years it has absorbed a great deal and may now be that cause of the office “funk.” Consider replacing things that may have absorbed offending odours, so that you do not need to find ways of masking them.

Say no to automated air fresheners that can sometimes be worse than the underlying odours. Find the problem and fix it – forget about masking it.