We want to wish our American office space Toronto tenants and our American blog and social media followers a very happy and fulfilling Thanksgiving.

For our Canadian blog and social-media followers, we wanted to give a quick explanation of why Canadian Thanksgiving is celebrated on the 2nd Monday of October, and why American Thanksgiving is celebrated on the 4th Thursday in November. The most common-sense answer is that, due to Canada’s northern climate, our harvest season is earlier – but that is a very basic answer. What is not commonly known is that English explorer Martin Frobisher hosted the first Canadian Thanksgiving in 1578, and that the first American Thanksgiving was not celebrated until 43 years later in 1621. It was not until 1941 that President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed a bill into law making Thanksgiving a national holiday and establishing it as the 4th Thursday in November.

In past years, we have talked about some of our office tenants who work on behalf of American companies that have a branch office in Canada, and how they deal with the Thanksgiving holiday while working here. Then there are clients who are from the United States, that take the 4-day Thanksgiving weekend off to be with their family. One such office tenant has, for the past number of years, left the office just before 5 pm on Wednesday and was on a 6:20 pm flight from Billy Bishop Airport (formerly known as Toronto Island Airport) because it is only minutes by taxi from our offices at 1 Yonge Street. He joins family Thursday morning for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and a family dinner in the evening. Friday morning, instead of battling crowds for Black Friday deals, he returns to Toronto and is in his office by 10:30 am or 11 am (depending on Customs line-ups).

Telsec is not closed for the American Thanksgiving or Black Friday, so American tenants’ offices are in theory, open. Some American clients double up on Canadian staff to handle inquiries from Canadian customers and from others around the world, because their head office in the USA is closed. Other U.S.-based tenants will close and inform callers that their office is closed in observance of the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday via our live receptionist.

For those Americans who are not able to leave Toronto and return home for the holiday, we found out from Blog.to, that there are 9 restaurants in Toronto that are serving Thanksgiving dinner on the American Thanksgiving.