I was walking to my downtown Toronto office space on Tuesday after a morning meeting near the St. Lawrence Market.  As I walked along the Esplanade, I noticed workers setting up the patio barriers around Fionn McCools and the Esplanade Beer Market. I thought this was kind of odd that bars were setting up their patios in March, as patio season does not normally start until late April or early May.

Then today I had meeting out in the west end, I drove up Yonge Street to King. As I passed Wellington and noticed a group of people outside the Irish Embassy pub putting up a sign, but did not see what it said. As I drove past a few Irish pubs on King Street, I noticed people standing on their patios. It clicked in, these bars were not setting up for patio season, they were setting up for the St. Patrick’s day crowds.

Being that my heritage is Scottish and not Irish, I really did not notice the folks at my office space Toronto that were wearing green or that the cashier at the Toronto Star building cafeteria was wearing a big green hat. I did not even think when I saw the Italian woman who manages my executive suites Toronto wearing a green shirt.

When I got back to my office for rent Toronto, I actually started to count the number of people wearing green. I counted 22 people wearing something green. Grabbing a cup of coffee in the kitchen, I was glad that no one had spiked the cream with green food colouring. Someone in the kitchen did mention that a bunch of people in the office were heading up to the Irish Embassy after 5 PM, but decided not to go because I am not a fan of big crowds.