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Happy New Year 2011

2011 is going to be a great year! With New Years eve falling on a Friday Night and New Years day is a Saturday, my usual Saturday rituals are a little mixed up. Normally on a Saturday, I can be found wondering through St. Lawrence Market. I park my car at my downtown Toronto office space and walk the 3 blocks to the market. Some Saturday mornings I can be found on the streets that make up Kensington Market, but instead of parking at One Yonge Street and walking to the market, I will park at the Kensington “Green P” parking lot. This Saturday being a holiday the markets and most other stores are closed.

A new year comes with new things to look forward to and plan for. I have so many things planned for 2011, so many that I will have to get an early start on them. Just before the holidays I found out that I have been invited to do a gallery showing of my photos in October or November. So I have to start planning some new photos shoot ideas and find the right subjects to shoot. While I have to plan these artistic photo shoots, I also have to plan for some commercial photo shoots that I have been asked to do this year. One of the commercial photo shoots I will be doing is that of the newly renovated reception area of my office space Toronto at Telsec.

Other plans I have to do this year involve getting a new passport. I have not traveled outside of Canada for the past few years, except for driving trips to the USA. Even with the requirements of a passport or a secure drivers licence, I was able to drive to the USA with an expired passport. This year I may have to travel to New York, Los Angeles and London, so I will definitely need a passport to fly. I realized that while I am traveling, I can use the meeting rooms of New York office space, Los Angeles office space and even London office space with my global alliance of office business centres membership. I have access to these facilities at little or no cost.

About Ian Payton

Responsibilities: Social Media Coordination and content creation for companies like the Toronto International Bicycle Show. Outside of work for primary clients,work was done for smaller clients like branches of the Royal Canadian Legion designing and revitalizing web sites. Conceptualizing strategies for online and offline marketing as well as promotional activities for other companies.

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