The good weather is here and people are dressing in more colourful and bright clothing. A walk along Queen’s Quay is just as colourful as walking along Queen Street East. As I walked around Harbourfront at lunch Thursday, I noticed several people not wearing jackets. As I walked, I too felt that I should have left my jacket back at my downtown Toronto office space.

Today while most of my friends are enjoying the first day of the long weekend, I was working at the executive suites Toronto where I have my office for rent Toronto. As I looked out the office window of the 18th floor of the Toronto Star building, I noticed that there were a lot of people walking and riding bicycles along the harbour. I convinced myself that taking a thirty  minute break would be ok.

Since the cafeteria was closed for the Easter Weekend, I walked over to the Harbourfront Centre to get some chip wagon chips. I decided to take them back to my office space Toronto and eat them at my desk. As I walked through the lobby of the building the security guard mentioned he could smell the French fries and sausage as soon as I walked through the door. The Italian sausage I could understand him smelling, but the French fries? He said he could smell the malt vinegar I had on them. I told him that I may be stopping into the office on Saturday to finish some stuff up, so I would go the chip wagon before I came in and get him some fries too.

Saturday should prove to be very busy down along Queens Quay, so I will probably have to park my car at my Toronto office space and walk over to the chip wagon again.

Sunday is the only day that I will get to relax and enjoy the weekend, but I am not sure how relaxing finding parking and fighting the crowds along Queen Street East for the Beach Easter Parade. I promised I would take my girlfriend to the parade, as she had never been to this parade before. I think we will head down early and find a seat on a raised patio and enjoy brunch as the parade marches by.