While our office is closed today, yours does not need to be.  With office space Toronto at Telsec office business centres, you have 24 hour access – 7 days a week, regardless of holidays.

Not all of our holidays in Canada fall in conjunction with holidays in the USA or other countries around the world where you do business.  Similarly, not all your clients are in the same time zone as you and you want to do business in your Toronto office space, when your clients are in their offices. The global economy is happening twenty-four hours a day, so you should have that much access to your globally accessible office space.

Having a serviced office space should mean you have access to that office when you want access.

As Canada Day is a holiday for our staff, call them tomorrow to arrange a tour of your next Toronto office space with 24/7 access. Contact us today to book a tour of our available office spaces today