Happy Canada DayAs our followers and office clients know, it may be a national holiday in Canada, but not where all your business partners are. While reception services may be closed for the holiday, all of our office-space clients have full access to their office space and boardrooms. Our administrative staff has even left out coffee and filters for our clients to brew some fresh coffee on their own.

Why are we open on this important holiday? While it is a holiday here, it is not a holiday everywhere. Many of our office-for-rent clients do not work exclusively with Canadian customers – they work with customers from around the world. Most of our international client’s knew that they had to have the receptionist auto direct their calls straight to their office extension today, so their customers could reach them.

Office-space tenants who are closed for business today will enjoye a long weekend by not opening on Monday, yet others came in on Monday to take photos of their offices for our photo contest. If you do not have a home office or office space in Toronto, you can call Lindsay (after July 1) at (416) 363 -9035 to arrange a viewing of our office space and to take some photos to enter in the contest.

Read more about the photo contest that we are running all summer long at https://www.telsec.net/blog/office-space-photo-contest-summer-2014/.