american-flagTo our USA-based office clients, we want to wish you a happy 4th of July, Independence Day. Whether you are working today or working out of the office, we have you covered.

Many small and mid-sized American companies who are looking for a business presence in Toronto, Canada have chosen office space at business centres like Telsec. Having a branch office in the Canadian marketplace (in fact, in the largest market in Canada – Toronto) at a minimal cost, is great for their customers, but also boosts the company’s bottom line.

At Telsec, we have several USA-based companies who use our office space to expand their business into Canada. While their presence might be small here, they want to keep up a corporate image of having an office locally. Some choose to have physical office space and others prefer to have a virtual office that appears like they have a physical office presence.

One benefit of having a Canadian office presence that is not routed through an American telephone number, is that the Canadian office is open for business during USA holidays. This allows Canadian customers to reach their local representative regardless of USA holiday schedules or shutdowns.

While some USA companies in Canada that work from business centres may allow staff and management to have the day off during a USA holiday, their calls are still answered by a live professional receptionist. Even if they are out of their office, the receptionist at their Canadian office can be instructed to forward their calls to a specific cellphone or to voice mail.

Our ability to work with our clients who are in the USA has helped to maintain Telsec’s reputation both here and abroad. Regardless of where your business is located, we can help you appear open – even when you and your staff are celebrating one of your important national holidays.

Happy birthday to all our American friends here in Canada and in the United States. Have a wonderful Independence Day.