Long before I started writing this blog for Telsec’s Toronto office space, I worked in another office space Toronto for a book publisher called Dundurn Press. Dundurn is a Canadian owned book publishing company that is owned by Kirk Howard and was started by him and his late business partner Dr. Ian Low in 1972. Their goal was to define Canada, and now 40 years later and with several thousands of books already published, Dundurn has made its mark on Canada.

Tonight, as a former employee and their go-to computer guy, I was invited to take photos of their epic 40th anniversary event at the Arts and Letters Club in Toronto. I had the chance to talk to older authors (whom I worked with years ago) and new authors that I had not met before. I even had a great conversation with Mike Strobel (columnist and former Chief Editor of the Toronto Sun). I even talked to an author who did not live in Toronto who had the address of my Toronto office space on their business card. I did not mention to them that their Toronto virtual office address was at the same place that I had my office space Toronto.

I also had a chance to talk to the “And Now You” guy Doug Lennox, Yes That guy, who starred on or was featured roles in over 60 films and television programs; (X-Men, Police Academy, The Herd, Nero Wolf etc.), “that guy” I hear on radio every day, (his syndicated radio programs; “Now You Know” and “Life in the 20th Century” reach a daily audience of over a million Canadians) or “that guy” from both his on-camera and voice-over commercials. He is an author for Dundurn Press.

The biggest surprise of the night was to meet someone who also shared Toronto office space at Telsec. This freelance writer has had an office space Toronto at Telsec since 1984. He was a writer for the Toronto Star, but his freelance career took him to the 18th floor, so he did not need to change his business address, only the floor.