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Google is Helping You to Work From a Toronto Cloud Office

Google is helping you to work from a Toronto cloud office by introducing their new Chromebook will be a faster computer than most laptops in its class. They say it starts in seconds and offers thousands of apps, many of which are free. They have made it with built-in virus protection and backs up your files in the cloud. This could be an interesting device for those who are also utilizing cloud office space Toronto as their business address.

Google also added features that enable users to edit documents offline, read more content created in widely used Microsoft applications such as Word and Excel, and retrieve material from another computer at home or your office space Toronto. Even if you only have a Toronto cloud office, Google is helping you to work from a Toronto cloud office by letting you store word processing, spread sheet and presentation files on Google docs. Google Docs is being upgraded to Google Drive to give users even more storage space for files they can use almost anywhere they are.

While Google is helping you to work from a Toronto cloud office, they are also trying to help people in California to drive self-driven cars. California is soon to be the second state to allow Google’s self-driven cars. In an attempt to win votes from California lawmakers, several members of the state Senate were given test drives in self-driving cars. The Senators were put into the cars and taken to the roads. They crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and were taken for a drive along the picturesque Pacific Coast Highway.

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