While we normally hold off our lighter-themed blogs until Fridays, the casual Friday inspired wearing of Toronto Maple Leaf jerseys and the talk around the proverbial water cooler at our Toronto office space made us realize that we cannot ignore the fact that the Leaf’s have not won the Stanley cup in 46 years. The fact is that they have not even been in a playoff game in 9 years – so Toronto fans do have a great deal to celebrate and cheer for.

With the Toronto Maple Leafs pulling off a game 6 win Sunday night against the Boston Bruins, they re-ignited the fans of Toronto with a game 7 in this series and a hope that they could be one playoff round closer to the Stanley Cup finals. Many of us will be spending the night watching with friends at home or a local pub, but one of our office space tenants does not have that luxury and has to watch the game from his downtown Toronto office space while working.  The final game of the series will be played in Boston and not at the Air Canada Centre that is only a few hundred metres from our office space. However, they are still expecting thousands of people to gather in the square outside the arena to watch the game on giant screens, as well as in Dundas Square at Dundas & Yonge Streets.

If the Leafs win their way into round two of the Stanley Cup finals, the police and city workers will be prepared. So if you are considering heading downtown tonight, you might want to think about leaving your car at home or at the office.