One of my favorite places to grab a quick lunch when I am in my downtown office space is the Don Juan chip truck.

Don Juan, along with many other chip trucks and hot dog vendor’s are going to be displaced from their usual permitted locations that are within the traffic restricted yellow zone and from in front of the Metro Convention Centre that is in the red zone.

So what if one of the G20 delegates have heard of the famous Don Juan chip truck and decides to go out onto front street, only to find the Don Juan has been displaced from his regular spot. A spot that he has had for over 25 years. Where will that delegate  from England or even Barack Obama have to go to find the Don Juan chip truck?

With the leaders of the world 20 top economies heading to Toronto for the June 26th and 27th summit, Toronto Police have unveiled their security zone plan.

Even before the G20 summit, things will get harder for chip trucks like Don Juan. Don’s regular spot is right in front of the Convention Centre that is the red zone.  In the days leading up to the summit, police will be shutting down the red zone for security purposes.

Traffic will not be great around the yellow zone before the summit either. Starting June 7, the Integrated Security Unit (ISU) will begin erecting an eight- to 10-foot chain link fence similar to the fencing used for the Toronto Indy race.  The fence will surround the designated “yellow zone,” bounded by Bay and York streets to the east, Wellington Street West to the north, Windsor Street, Blue Jays Way and Rees Street to the west and Lake Shore and Bremner boulevards to the south. Photo identification will be mandatory for anyone entering this zone from late Friday, June 25 until Sunday, June 27.

While weekday commuters will not be effected by the security checkpoints, anyone who works or lives inside the zone, will have to expect delays.

Luckily I have my Downtown Toronto office space at Telsec, because 1 Yonge Street is located just outside the yellow zone. I will not have to get a special security pass to access the yellow zone. Yes, the summit is on the weekend and would not disrupt most clients, but one of the reasons I chose to have my office space Toronto at Telsec is because it is accessible to me seven days a week.  The only problem I will have that weekend is not being able to walk up to the Metro Convention Centre and enjoy fries from my favorite chip truck – Don Juan’s.