Long before there was the internet, some of us used snail mail to keep in touch. When I was younger, I met a girl named Judy Price at the Canadian National Exhibition.  Judy was from Syracuse, New York, we kept in touch by writing letters and the occasional phone call. In 1986 (or was it 1985), Judy went to Union College in Schenectady, New York. We still kept writing and had a great pen pall love affair.

Then shortly after or in her last year of college, her parents moved to California. It was about this time that I lost contact with Judy. As the years progressed, I was curious about the woman that Judy had become. Now in the google era, I have tried to find her, but without any luck. I have tried to google her and tried to find her on facebook, but no luck. I have even tried to find her brother David (who I never met, but heard lots about from Judy), again no luck.  I am almost starting to think she is in the witness protection program.

If you know Judy (Judith) Price and have any info of how I can find her, please contact me through my Toronto office space or [email protected]