I wish finding a new home was as easy as it was for me to find my downtown Toronto office space. I decided that I no longer want to live in the suburbs and want to find a place closer to downtown. I look daily on craigslist and most often what people are posting is not what they actually have, they try to make it sound better than it is.  When I see the craigslist ads for my office space downtown Toronto, they do not try to over sell what they are offering, they say it as it is.

Why is it that people try to over hype an apartment when they know it will not be as advertised when I come to see it?

When I was searching for a Toronto office space, I found a few places on the Internet, but when I arrived, they were nothing like the advertisement. When  I finally saw what Telsec had to offer, I realized that they said on the web site was under hyped and that I would get more bang for my buck than I thought. The staff was super friendly and the other tenants  were even more friendly, that sold me on this office space.

Back to my living space dilemma, I am searching for an apartment for September 1st, but all the ads I see are for August 1st.  I wish I could find a home as easy as I found my office space and my photo studio. It really bogels me why someone lists a 350 square foot apartment without mentioning square footage  as a spacious place, it was a broom closet of a bedroom and  a bathroom suited for someone under 5 feet tall.  My favorite laugh came when a place said they had 24/7 security, but when I went to view the place at 7 P.M., the security guard was fast asleep.

There has been some light at the end of the tunnel, one of my fellow office space tenants heard my plea for a new home rental and has told me about a place that is owned by a friend. This is what makes my office space Toronto so great, not only do fellow tenants do business with each other, they also network in other ways.