Toronto executive office spaceNew Year’s Eve I was out at an event and got to meet some really great people.  One of the people I met told me that they have been looking for a well priced Toronto executive office that had windows with a view.

As the regional sales manager for a US based company, he wanted a prestigious address and a well appointed office space. but he did not want an office space in Toronto that he had to spend tons of money on in terms of equipment or office furnishings.  He had looked at other Toronto office spaces, most were stand alone offices that did not have any amenities. Others that offered amenities were well beyond his budget and he still did not have a decent view.

I quietly chuckled and told him I know just the place, the place I have my office at Telsec. The only well priced office solutions in Toronto that had lake views and city views to choose from. While Telsec offers Toronto office space that is ideal for most small and medium businesses, they also have some amazing executive office space Toronto.

I knew these executive office spaces were very popular, especially the ones with a lake view. I told him to call Josie at (416) 363-9035 to see what space she had available.

The last thing I had to say to him was … At Telsec the coffee and tea are always complimentary.

At that his eyes perked up and he was really impressed by the Toronto executive office space that I had told him about.