Governments are handing out money and giving breaks to stimulate the economy, but most of these  stimulus packages and deals are being given to big businesses like the banks and the auto sector. What are they doing for small businesses? Small business are the economic backbone of this country, yet there are no stimulus packages for small businesses.

Telsec Business Office Centres has always been on the side of small business, by providing affordable Toronto office space, with flexible office configurations and a variety of office space options. In tough economic times it is hard for small businesses to afford the latest technology and advanced office equipment, let alone having the latest in photocopiers, colour copiers and fax machines. At Telsec’s Toronto office space for rent, you get access to the latest in printing and copier machines, without the high cost of purchasing or leasing them. When you rent an office with Telsec, you only pay for what you use. Your printing, photocopying, and fax costs at Telsec’s Toronto office space for lease, is for the most part cheaper than most office supply stores.

Get your business back in black, by reducing your overhead costs of rent and office equipment. You choose the size of the office you need and you control the a-la-cart services you want, when you need them.

Telsec can accommodate businesses with as few as one person and up to 25 employees within one space, but can help your company to configure office space for even more people, if they are situated throughout the various spaces in the facility.