I had not been to the Easter Parade along Queen Street in many years, in so many years that I forgot they held the parade Easter Sunday. I had planned a photo shoot down along the beach to get some lifestyle shots of a model for an upcoming project, but unlike myself (who arrived very early) the model ran late and could not get anywhere near the Beach to meet me for the shoot. Most of the streets heading into the beach were closed for the parade. Without the model, I could not do the shoot, so I figured since I was down there already, maybe I could get some interesting photos of the parade.

Along with the police escort, the three generations of TTC Street Cars, the marching band, and the various floats, also came some unusual entries into the parade. It was odd to see as part of the parade, Karate schools, beauty pageant contestants and Roller Derby Teams, but what most I did not expect to see in an Easter Parade, was a group of Star Wars Storm Troopers and Princess Liea.

The parade also included a few floats from companies who were sponsors of the parade, most of the sponsors were renovation companies, roofers, and of course real estate agents. This got me thinking that next year Telsec needs to sponsor a float that would have the Easter Bunny sitting at a desk working from his Toronto virtual office space. Having a virtual office space Toronto at Telsec Toronto office space, the Easter Bunny could work from anywhere he chooses (including while on route of the Easter parade), all while having a prestigious office address of 1 Yonge Street, the number one address on the longest street in the world.