Today a 5.o magnitude earthquake hit Toronto and I did not even notice it. At the time the quake struck, I was in my car on my way to my downtown office space for an afternoon meeting. I was totally unaware a earthquake had happened until I had parked my car. There were some protesters parking their BMW heading towards the Westin Harbour Castle protest area that asked me if I felt the Earthquake. They thought this may have been the work of the G20 security forces in an effort to scare away protesters.

When I got to my office space Toronto downtown, no one seemed to be talking about this so called earthquake. So I had to go to the internet for more information. It turns out that this earthquake epicentre was somewhere in Quebec and Toronto got only a light feeling of it. To those protesters in the BMW, it was not an elaborate government ploy and it was not Mother Nature’s way of trying to interrupt the G20 Summit.

Upon further research I found out why this earthquake was not felt in my downtown Toronto office space, it seems that when the Toronto Star Building was constructed in early 1970 when most new buildings were constructed using earthquake dampening technology. So one can only assume that this is why the earthquake was not felt in my office space  Toronto.