Putting on the Gloves in Toronto Office Space

December 14th, 2012|Comments Off on Putting on the Gloves in Toronto Office Space

The old expression “Taking the Gloves Off” has often been used in business when it is time to knuckle down and “get down to business.” In these tough economic times many small businesses are having to take the gloves off and fight to survive. Other entrepreneurs and small business owners are putting the gloves on at their Toronto offices to better interact with technology. Today at our office space Toronto, this blogger noticed a woman who had an office for rent Toronto at Telsec wearing gloves in the 18th-floor kitchen. I was perplexed at what I was seeing because it was not that cold anywhere on the floor. A closer look showed that the gloves had silver-looking tips on the first two digits and on the thumb. It turns out that the woman was not wearing the gloves for warmth, but because the conductive silver thread on the tips of the glove […]

Google Recognized Importance of Downtown Toronto Office Space

November 13th, 2012|Comments Off on Google Recognized Importance of Downtown Toronto Office Space

Internet search and advertising giant Google is cutting back its sprawling offices located outside Toronto in the 905 area, consolidating in Toronto’s downtown core and opening new head offices within easy reach of downtown condos. The reason for this move is to facilitate the ability to find young talent and to retain employees who have purchased or are looking to purchase condominiums in the downtown core. Companies today are increasingly accepting the higher downtown core rents in exchange for the value of more centrally located downtown Toronto office space where they can draw from the pool of young, highly educated workers moving into newly built condos that are rising in the city’s centre. The fact is that young people aren’t happy with the long commute to and from the suburbs. These young professionals want to live and work downtown because it’s an exciting and vibrant place. Many want to be […]

Keeping yourself safe from flu at your Toronto office space for rent

November 12th, 2012|Comments Off on Keeping yourself safe from flu at your Toronto office space for rent

Yes, it is cold and flu season again. While many people are being reminded to get the flu shot, there are also other ways to help protect yourself against influenza, especially by reducing your exposure to germs and viruses around your Toronto office space. Would you believe that it is more likely that your office desktop harbours more germs and bacteria than the office bathroom? The bathroom is routinely cleaned with disinfectant while your office desk and other surfaces in your office space Toronto may not be. How often have you cleaned your keyboard? It is said that your keyboard is potentially dirtier than the average office toilet seat. Think of the potential E. coli and staph germs on your keyboard, your fingers and even on your phone! A U.S. study showed that most people they polled admitted to never cleaning their keyboards. Consider all office germs in your personal […]

Frankenstorm will not close Telsec’s office Space Toronto

October 29th, 2012|Comments Off on Frankenstorm will not close Telsec’s office Space Toronto

Weather forecasters are painting a very bleak and potentially serious picture with the weather system poised to hit Toronto and the GTA on Tuesday or Wednesday. Environment Canada is saying to expect high winds, heavy rain and even some potential snow. According to the people who study weather patterns, this “Frankenstorm” could be one of the worst storms in a century. But this Frankenstorm will not close Telsec’s office Space Toronto. The high probability of high winds and heavy rain could lead to downed trees, power outages and flooding. The Toronto area can expect winds of 60 km/h with gusts of between 80 and 100 km/h. In the event of flooding and people been forced from their homes, the Red Cross already has 200 volunteers on standby in Toronto and another 2,000 volunteers ready across the province. So why will the Frankenstorm not close Telsec’s office Space Toronto? Because our […]

A Good Toronto Office Space Business Address is a Good thing to keep

September 2nd, 2012|Comments Off on A Good Toronto Office Space Business Address is a Good thing to keep

From time to time a business will leave an office space for many reasons, but the last thing some Toronto office space renters want to do is to give up a prime business address. One of Telsec’s long time clients is moving their physical offices out to the suburbs in order for the owner to be closer to his home that is about 50 km from downtown Toronto. Instead of changing their head office address or telephone number, they have decided to give up their executive office space Toronto and keep renting a Toronto shared office space. How does this work? Well, they are simply downsizing and moving staff to another location. Their mail will still be addressed to their downtown office space location and forwarded to their suburban location on a weekly basis (or a staff member can pick it up when they are downtown visiting a client or […]

Downtown Toronto Office Space for Less Than the suburbs

August 15th, 2012|Comments Off on Downtown Toronto Office Space for Less Than the suburbs

The common misconception to small business owners and entrepreneurs is that they can get cheap office space Toronto if they go out to the suburbs. This can be true for large businesses that require large office space for hundreds of employees, but it is often not the case for smaller companies. Larger companies requiring large amounts of cheap office space are looking for a deal based on the amount of square footage they can squeeze as many employees into as they can. They want be able to maximize how they use their office space Toronto by using cubicles and temporary walls for flexibility. The savings they make on office space is often used to cover the overhead costs for boardrooms, meeting rooms and kitchen facilities. Smaller companies may also be able to find cheap Toronto office space in the suburbs, but they will find that the overhead costs will end […]

Traffic was crazy this weekend near my downtown Toronto office space

June 4th, 2012|Comments Off on Traffic was crazy this weekend near my downtown Toronto office space

On both Saturday and Sunday I had to meet a few clients only to find that Traffic was crazy this weekend near my downtown Toronto office space. Getting to my office space downtown was not a problem on Saturday, but trying to give my client a lift back uptown was a nightmare. I left the Toronto Star Building around 6:30 pm heading up Yonge Street. I was unaware that only 10 minutes earlier there had been a shooting at the Toronto Eaton Centre. Traffic was a mess on Yonge, so I decided to try Bay Street – it too was full of traffic. It was odd that there would be that much traffic at 6:30 pm especially since the Blue Jay game had ended a few hours before. It was not until I reached Richmond Street that I became aware of what had happened by tuning to CBC Radio One. […]

More Office Space Coming to Toronto

May 10th, 2012|Comments Off on More Office Space Coming to Toronto

A few years ago, I read that Toronto’s office space market was in a stable, tenant-favouring situation (according to one office realtor’s GTA office-space report). They claimed that the average vacancy rate had continued to hover at approximately 6.5 per cent while average asking net rent was declining. They even went on to say that the Toronto office space market absorbs the new supply of office towers, and with no major new supply anticipated in the near future, the company forecasted a reverse trend towards a landlords’ market by 2011 or 2012. It was interesting that they did not mention anything about office business centres in Toronto; they only talked about office space for lease in Toronto. With the last downturn in the economy, it seems that smaller businesses were starting up and growing faster than bigger businesses. Many smaller businesses that are looking at Toronto office space are beginning to shy […]

The Grass is Always Greener When…

April 27th, 2012|Comments Off on The Grass is Always Greener When…

The grass is always greener when someone looks at your job and wants it. When you tell people that you are successful and make a decent living at a job you love, everyone wants it. They love that you have your own Toronto office space and you set your own hours. They become more excited to do what you do. The excitement ends when you tell them you are an entrepreneur working for yourself without a safety net. You do not have job security or a cushy pension. You are building your future on your own. When I am asked “How do you do it?”, I often tell people that having my own business is very rewarding in many ways, but having an office space Toronto in a location that works for my clients is what keeps me busy and gainfully employed. When I was running my business out of […]

It Was a Rainy Day in Toronto, when I had to go into my Toronto office Space

April 23rd, 2012|Comments Off on It Was a Rainy Day in Toronto, when I had to go into my Toronto office Space

I woke up this morning to wet and dreary weather. My plan had been to take the day off and to take some photos down along the beach, but the weather was not cooperating. I considered instead that I would go into my downtown Toronto office space and get some work done that I had intended to finish on Tuesday. Then I realized that I did not need to go into the office and could probably get more work done from home working remotely on my office computer via the Internet. A few hours into working on the redesign of a brochure for the bicycle show, I wanted to go for a bike ride (I felt like Pavlov’s dog). The rain had slowed down almost to a stop, but the roads were still wet. I got on my rain gear and decided to brave the colder weather and go for […]

The 1000 AWESOME Things Talked About Around my Toronto Office Space

April 20th, 2012|Comments Off on The 1000 AWESOME Things Talked About Around my Toronto Office Space

The buzz around my Toronto office space on Thursday was how Neil Pasricha concluded his blog that was a list of 1000 things “AWESOME”.  It all began on June 20, 2008, when Neil set out on a mission to write 1,000 blog posts. Each of his weekday blogs was to chronicle of one awesome thing and count down until he hit #1. After launching “1,000 Awesome Things”, he started to get some attention from his friends and colleagues, but it really gained traction 20 posts in, when post 980 was linked to on a site called Fark.com. His blog’s popularity began to snowball further after Wired Magazine wrote about his blog and called post 980, which was titled “Old, dangerous playground equipment”.  Pasricha probably had no idea when he started his blog that it would lead to three books (two of which became international best sellers) and an app for smart phones. He […]

Don’t Look for Cheap Virtual Office Space

September 26th, 2011|Comments Off on Don’t Look for Cheap Virtual Office Space

The ideal situation is to find virtual office solutions without the cost of a traditional physical office space and still have the professional appearance of having a prestigious business address. So why would you look for cheap virtual office space? Cheap virtual office spaces are not often located in the downtown or even in a building that one would associate with a business office. Some cheap virtual office spaces are no more than post-office-style boxes located in a storefront or an industrial complex. The cost savings of going for a cheap virtual office will end up costing your business more in terms of professional appearance and reputation in your customers’ eyes when they decide one day to stop into your office. When considering cheap virtual office space, you also have to consider what else the virtual office provider is offering and what services will cost you extra, as well as […]

Flexible Downtown Toronto Office Space

July 13th, 2011|Comments Off on Flexible Downtown Toronto Office Space

So you’re browsing the internet for an office rental Toronto and/or downtown Toronto office rental. Toronto and the downtown core have literally hundreds of offices for rent, but unfortunately, many are either well beyond an individual’s budget – or they lack ease of accessibility and therefore involve hours of travelling time and daily aggravation. But if you indeed have finally found a great location, your search for flexible downtown Toronto office space is only just beginning. You don’t have to blow your budget! When searching for Toronto office suites for rent, the factor of cost simply cannot be overlooked. That’s where flexibility comes in. Flexible downtown Toronto office space should offer you a variety of options suited to your business routines and your budget. In other words, your chosen office space Toronto should include these options: Lavish, elegantly-appointed, private executive offices Smaller, less costly office space rental units that are just as […]

O.Noir-Blacked Out Dining-and Trying New Things

February 20th, 2011|Comments Off on O.Noir-Blacked Out Dining-and Trying New Things

O.NOIR – Canada’s first-ever “Dine in the Dark” has two location Montreal and Toronto. O.Noir dining is a great idea. Sighted people are taken into a blacked out dining room and served by people who are blind. The idea is that when you eat food in the dark, your remaining senses are heightened to savour the smell and taste of food. The idea is to heighten the senses of taste, smell and touch by denying diners of their sight. It’s also to give guests an appreciation for what it’s like to be blind. It’s O. Noir. The idea was built on a concept started by a blind Swiss pastor, who blindfolded his guests at home so they could understand his eating experience. The idea of a dine-in-the-dark restaurant was one to teach people about blindness, but also to create jobs for the blind. The menu is a fixed price menu […]

Writer’s Block – How do you deal with it?

November 4th, 2010|Comments Off on Writer’s Block – How do you deal with it?

Today was one of those days that I just could not find anything to write about. When I did get a nibble of an idea, I could only write a line or two. So I tried my usual source of inspiration “The News”. All of the local news was about a chemical spill in the east end, a shooting in the west end, the flood that closed the subway down during the morning commute and Stephen Harper’s decision to stop the Australian takeover of a Saskatchewan’s Potash Corp. None of those stories were of worthy of a full blog, so I continued to search for ideas. I finally decided to take this writer’s block head on, so I Googled it! The first link that came up in Google was a Wikipedia entry.  According to Wikipedia “writer’s block is  is a condition, associated with writing as a profession, in which an author […]

A planned trip to FanExpo ended up being a day at BuskerFest

August 30th, 2010|Comments Off on A planned trip to FanExpo ended up being a day at BuskerFest

Trekkies and superhero fans took over the Metro Convention Centre this weekend. I took my girlfriend down to FanExp on Sunday to meet up with some friends of mine who had some spare passes to the extravaganza. I parked my car at my downtown Toronto office space and took the short walk to the Metro Convention Centre. When we arrived at the convention centre, there were hundreds of fans who had been lined up for hours around a city block trying to get into the convention centre without a prepaid pass. I was not about to join that line up because my friends already had passes for us, were already inside and in the line up to meet William Shatner. Unlike my friends who are diehard super fans of sci-fi and comic books, my interest was only casual and long line ups were not my thing. Also from what I […]

Networking When You Are Not Even Trying

August 20th, 2010|Comments Off on Networking When You Are Not Even Trying

Thursday night I was asked to attend an event that was being held by one of my clients and to take some photographs for their website. The event included a guest speaker Howard Brown, who is the President of Brown & Cohen Communications. Mr. Brown was to be talking about “The Art and Science of Networking”. I picked up some interesting networking concepts from the speaker at this event, including not to be afraid to randomly go up to people and introduce yourself. Another concept Mr. Brown reiterated was to make the introduction of yourself to people about them, meaning to ask questions about them rather than talking about yourself. After hearing the speaker, guests were treated to some hot hors d’oeuvres and encouraged to mingle. While all of the guests were in the same industry (one that I know little about), I was able to have a few interesting conversations with […]

Living and Working Downtown Toronto

August 18th, 2010|Comments Off on Living and Working Downtown Toronto

Downtown Toronto is really becoming home for so many people. Today I had a meeting not far from the St. Lawrence Market, so I parked my car at the “Green P” parking lot just down the street from the market instead of my regular place behind my downtown office space Toronto. After my meeting, I decided to leave my car at this downtown parking lot and walk to my downtown office. While I was walking this short distance from the St Lawrence Market, I noticed how many condos that were near by, as well as all the ones that were under construction. It used to be they wanted to tear down the Gardner Expressway to open up the view of the waterfront, now that is a mute point due to the condos that are even taller than this elevated roadway. As I was looking at all these downtown Toronto condominiums, I started […]

Cell phones and pools do not mix

July 28th, 2010|Comments Off on Cell phones and pools do not mix

As I have mentioned in a previous blog, I have not been spending much time in my downtown office space this week and have instead been playing tour guide to a visitor from Australia. Some of my clients see this as me taking a vacation and they are contacting me by my cell when they need help, but potential new clients would not understand me taking a mini vacation when they are looking for my services right now. The only reason I am able to have this time away from my Toronto office space and take day trips to tourist attractions is that I have a professional receptionist who can screen and route my calls to my cell phone, without me having to be in my office space downtown Toronto. Today we had a very hot and humid day, so our plan was to maybe go to the Olympic Pools […]

Need a car downtown? Why not a Zipcar

July 20th, 2010|Comments Off on Need a car downtown? Why not a Zipcar

Who needs a car downtown Toronto when there are Zipcars and Autoshare locations all over Toronto. There is an Autoshare location within a half block of my downtown Toronto office space in the Toronto Star Building. The condominium building called “Pinnacle” across the road is an Autoshare location. There is a Zipcar location on Queens Quay that is only a two minute walk from 1 Yonge Street. For those not familiar with Zipcar or Autoshare, these are car sharing and car club services that allow members to utilize a vehicle on an hourly or part day basis. This type of service is easier than Toronto car rental and car ownership. You simply book the car you want at the time and the pick up location. When you arrive at the location, you simply place your access card on the windshield sensor and the doors are unlocked for you. The keys […]