The ideal situation is to find virtual office solutions without the cost of a traditional physical office space and still have the professional appearance of having a prestigious business address. So why would you look for cheap virtual office space?

Location of the virtual offices

Cheap virtual office spaces are not often located in the downtown or even in a building that one would associate with a business office. Some cheap virtual office spaces are no more than post-office-style boxes located in a storefront or an industrial complex. The cost savings of going for a cheap virtual office will end up costing your business more in terms of professional appearance and reputation in your customers’ eyes when they decide one day to stop into your office.

When considering cheap virtual office space, you also have to consider what else the virtual office provider is offering and what services will cost you extra, as well as how much extra it will cost for those services. Often the way that some virtual office providers are able to offer their services cheaply is by having hidden costs and charges that you do not find out about until you get your first invoice.

Why consider a virtual office space?

Why would you consider a cheap virtual office space, when you can have an inexpensive virtual office at a prestigious address in a downtown Toronto office space? Quality office space Toronto providers like Telsec (located at 1Yonge Street in the Toronto Star Building) offers inexpensive virtual office solutions starting at $30 and with no hidden costs. You are told upfront (before you sign anything) what the extra charges are and what they are for. The most common extra charge is for forwarding your mail, but you can avoid that charge by arranging to pick up your mail during business hours. Unlike a cheap virtual office space solution, a quality virtual office space Toronto provider can even arrange to have courier packages delivered that require a signature.

If a customer shows up unannounced at a cheap virtual office space, they may find a storefront or industrial building with only a row of mailboxes and no one to explain why you are not there. When clients or customers show up at a business centre that also provides virtual office solutions, the professional receptionist will simply explain that you are out of the office, thus maintaining your professional appearance.

It is a big plus to rent a virtual office from a business centre rather than a cheap virtual office space because of the prestigious business address. It is also a big plus to have access to meeting rooms and boardrooms to meet with clients when you need to. An even bigger reason to rent your virtual office at a Toronto office business center is that when you are ready to have a physical Toronto office space, you do not need to change your address or phone number.