It is amazing the things that people are searching for at midnight on a Friday night. It seems tonight the biggest trend in terms of searches is whether the character known as the Undertaker in WWE is indeed dead. It amazes me who is up at midnight trying to find out whether a fictional character on wrestling tv show is dead. So I followed the link and found that there are hundreds of blogs that are dedicated to wrestling news, and many of them are blogging about the particular storyline. When I saw this google trend, I thought the actor Mark Callaway who plays the Undertaker had passed away. This was not the case, but people are speculating on a storyline and how it will play out.  Wow the power of the Internet.

I want to know when people search for “office space Toronto”, obviously it is not at midnight on a Friday night. It seems that it is not a popular search term on a Friday night…. I will have to find a way to change that. I just finished working on two projects and I am still sitting in my downtown Toronto office space. At this time of night, I do not think I need to consult the Compass traffic cameras for what traffic I face going home.

Now I guess you are asking me why am I working at my downtown office space this late at night. It is because I was out at an event downtown and got a call from a client, their website was experiencing a problem. I knew that I had 24 hour access to my Toronto office space and that it would be quicker for me to get to my downtown office and correct the problem, than it would be for me to get to my home office.