Words can often have different meanings to different people. There are also many different words and expressions that can describe the same type of product or service. Telsec Business Centres rents office space that is shared by many different types of companies, all in one facility. This type of office arrangement has historically been called executive suites or serviced offices, but other office providers will refer to the set-up as shared offices or even virtual offices (but virtual office can also describe another type of business service).

When you look up the term executive suites on Wikipedia, you are told that “An executive suite in its most general definition is a collection of offices or rooms or suites used by top managers of a business or executives. Over the years, this general term has taken on a variety of specific meanings.” But Wikipedia also goes on to say “An executive suite can also be a set of individual offices sublet from a larger suite of offices. The executive suite proprietor rents entire floors (or buildings) and leases the smaller office spaces or workstations to businesses that don’t need, or can’t afford, large space.”

Where it gets confusing is that there is no universal agreement on terminology for business locations that offer offices to a variety of different businesses. Depending on where you are in the world, or how each different provider of these types of office space arrangements want to be referred to, you may encounter many different names. Names like: serviced offices, office business centres, business office suites, business centers, executive office space, furnished office, flexible offices, executive office suites, shared office space and other combinations of the same word. In some places you may even hear them referred to as “office hoteling” because they are like hotels for businesses who need temporary or short-term offices without a long-term lease agreement.

This terminology discussion also has our blogger now thinking of other terms that can be used to describe similar arrangements; or of different words that can describe exactly the same thing.