In some ways this is the saddest blog I have to write, it is also one of the happiest. I am sad that it is over, yet so happy with the results of these Vancouver Olympic Games.

Canada’s last gold medal of these Olympic Games was the one that most Canadian’s were waiting to see. In a nail biting overtime time win, Canada beat the USA in men’s ice hockey 3 to 2.  At the closing ceremonies, the crowd in the stands actually let out a sigh when the  IOC president  declared the games closed, as no one wanted the games to be over. This has been the best Olympics for Canada in so many ways, outside of the Gold Medal Records for a nation at the winter games and the most Gold Medals by a host nation at a winter Olympic Games.

What most impressed me was the positive spin that the American broadcaster NBC gave to not only how well organized these games were, but to many of the Gold Medal winning Canadian athletes. In fact a lot of the international media had nothing but praise today for how well the Vancouver Olympics were run, and how well that Canadian’s stepped up to the podium, even though they did not live up to their “own the podium” claims.  While we did not meet the standards set by the “Own the Podium” predictions, our athletes surpassed any possible Gold Medal predictions that the program expected…. They did own the Gold.

Over the past 17 days, I have been very impressed with the professionalism by the athletes and the thousands of volunteers who smiled and cheered on the athletes of all countries. In the words of the Vanoc president “Cypress mountain 1, Volunteers 3”, the volunteers were the real hero’s of the Vancouver Olympic Games.

On behalf of all the staff and support member of Telsec Toronto office space, I have to say congratulations Team Canada and congratulations to the Vancouver Organizing  Committee. You did our nation proud. You made Canada shine on an international stage where many had predicted you would fail.

While the Olympic games may be over there are still the paralympic games to come and Canada is expected to earn lots of medals there too.