While most of Canada is watching the qualifying hockey game between Canada and Germany in Ice Hockey, Canada has already gained another gold medal and another Olympic first. Canada’s women skiers have won the Gold Medal in women’s Ski Cross. Canadian racer Ashleigh McIvor has won the Olympic gold medal in ski cross at Cypress Mountain. This is the first time Ski Cross has been an Olympic event and Ashleigh McIvor has taken gold.

Canada may not be owning the podium in these Olympic games as they were promoted to be doing, but they have made many firsts. The first Gold by Canada at a Canadian Olympics, the youngest and first North American team to win Olympic Ice Dancing Gold Medal and now the First ever to win women’s Ski Cross at the Olympic games.

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At the time of this post, Canada’s, Men’s Hockey team had just beat Germany by 8 to 2 and is now expected to continue on to their gold medal quest against the Russians and onto face Team USA for the Gold Medal. Personally, I believe that this extra game has helped to make the Canadian team more of a team, rather than a collection of super stars.

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