Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir have won the gold medal in Ice Dancing. Not only have they won another Gold Medal for Canada, they made Olympic history, they are the first North American team to win the Olympic Ice Dancing Championship. They went into tonight’s Free Skate with a 2.6 point lead, but there are their American training partners and a strong Russian team that were expected to give them them a good run.

While I am not a fan of cross country skiing, I read today that Canadian Bill McKeever will make Olympic history by being the first winter athlete ever named to both Olympic and Paralympic teams. McKeever has only 10 % vision and that is not a challenge for him in competing with fully sighted skiers in the 50km race. His ability to compete with his vision impairment may even help him over other athletes in blinding snow conditions.

Canada’s Women’s ice hockey team has just defeated the Swedish team 5-0. They will play the USA on Thursday for the Gold Medal in Women’s Ice Hockey. Canada is favoured to win that game as well.

One predominate feature of these Vancouver Olympic Games has been the effort to stage some of the greenest Games ever, thanks to a partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Low-flow toilets that use rainwater for flushing, separate bins for compostable waste and energy-efficient grass-clad roofs are some of the environmentally-friendly features on display at Olympic sites in and around Vancouver. Even the transportation of people around the games is greener. There are twenty hydrogen fuel cell buses that are being operated by BC Transit in Whistler.

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