Today while I was in the kitchen of my office space Toronto, I found out that the women two offices away from me is pregnant. When I went to get my second cup of complimentary coffee, Taylor was getting herself a decaffeinated cup of herbal  tea.  I had to ask her if the news was true. She confirmed that indeed, her and her husband are expecting their first child in February.

During my conversation with Taylor, I found out that she was going for her 20 week ultrasound next week and they would find out the sex of the child at that time. I had to know if she wanted to know the sex of the child from the ultrasound or did she want to wait until the birth of the child. It turned out that she was intending to find out the sex of the child from the ultrasound.

Since she would know the sex, an office pool on the sex of the child’s birth would not work. So now the office space pool will have to be on the date and weight of the baby. Yes, I love those office pools, over the outcome of a pregnancy. I have won several of these pools over the years, to the point that people wonder if I am physic.

I did ask Taylor what she intended to do about her business and her office. She reminded me that as an entrepreneur, she was not eligible  for EI maternity benefits and that she would have to keep her business going, even on a minor scale.

Without the ability to service her major clients on the same scale, she would need to pare back her expenses. One of the expenses she would need to pare back on was her downtown Toronto office space. Not wanting to give up her prestigious office space address, she was going to reduce her office space contract to a virtual office package that included a Toronto mail service and an telephone answering service Toronto package. This would allow her to stay in touch with her clients and keep a great address.

Once the baby was born and her business picked up again, she could pick up from where she left off. She would not need to change her prestigious business address and continue on from where she began, without changing her address or phone number on her business card.