This has been an interesting December for me, some good, some not so good and a few disappointments.  I guess I should start off with the good things first. I had ordered a new camera using my Airmiles and the checkout process said that it would be shipped in four weeks time, then my new waterproof and shockproof camera arrived at my office yesterday.  The other good thing that happened in the past few days is that for once I have finished most of my Christmas shopping with weeks to go. Normally I am that guy you see scrambling around the mall on Christmas Eve having not even purchased one gift.

The first disappointment came a few days ago when the battery on my cell phone died and I missed some important calls. I had been working through the night and I did not get to sleep until 7 am and continued to sleep through the day. I missed some business calls, but the call I missed that really disappointed me was the wake up call so I could go to the office party at my downtown Toronto office space. Every year the management at my office space Toronto has a holiday gathering in the reception area and the reception area boardroom. This gathering is a great way to mingle with other office space renters and even do a little networking. Last year, I met a few people I had only walked by in the halls or waited behind them in the line to get a coffee.

My second disappointment happened today when I learned that my girlfriend (who is a trained cook and has actually lectured on food handling and safety) had managed to give herself food poisoning while cooking some chicken at home. Her attempt at trying to justify her shortcuts was that she in a rush to go shopping for my Christmas present. I informed her that the best gift she could give me would to have her not sick and spending the holidays in bed with a bucket beside her.

Speaking of my girlfriend, I was invited by her parents to spend Christmas with them at their home. This was going to be our first Christmas together. I made sure to buy gifts for her parents and her sister, even one for her sister’s boyfriend who would also be spending Christmas with them.