As I have mentioned in a previous blog, I have not been spending much time in my downtown office space this week and have instead been playing tour guide to a visitor from Australia. Some of my clients see this as me taking a vacation and they are contacting me by my cell when they need help, but potential new clients would not understand me taking a mini vacation when they are looking for my services right now.

The only reason I am able to have this time away from my Toronto office space and take day trips to tourist attractions is that I have a professional receptionist who can screen and route my calls to my cell phone, without me having to be in my office space downtown Toronto.

Today we had a very hot and humid day, so our plan was to maybe go to the Olympic Pools at Woodbine Beach. Thinking that it would be faster to change at home and drive down to the pool. We all changed at my place and proceeded to the pool. When we got to the pool, we found that not only was the pool at capacity, but there was a long line up waiting for people to get in. We did not know what the back up plan was, so we joined the line and hoped it would move quickly.

The line did not go anywhere for almost 20 minutes, but that is when I got the call. A friend of mine wanted to know if I wanted go swimming at their place. I jumped on the opportunity and we left the line to head to my friends place.

My friends pool was an unheated outdoor pool, but at this temperature, none of us thought it would matter. We all still had our swim suites on and proceeded to dip our feet in …. yikes it was cold.  The Australian visitor was the first to jump in, followed by our hostess. My girlfriend and I were still on the fence, deciding if the water  was too cold. The Aussi convinced her to take the plunge.  This left me as the last man standing outside the pool.

I was still the only one outside of the water and was considering taking it slow and walking in from the shallow end slowly. the geers and taunts started. I stepped back out of the pool and walked to the deep end.  After more taunts, I decided to take the plunge.  #%* it was that cold. A few moments later I noticed that there was something still in the pockets of my swim shorts, it was my phone.  I quickly pulled my phone out of my pocket and put it on the deck… it was dead.

Knowing that my office space Toronto receptionist was transferring my calls to my cell, I quickly called the receptionist using my friends phone and explained the situation. She was able to change the note on my profile and direct my calls to my voice mail with the excuse that I was in a “out of office” meeting.

After blow drying my phone, we found it does still work, but I will need to replace it soon.   More importantly, my clients did not know anything was wrong and I was able to answer their voice mail when I got to a phone that I could collect their messages.

My mistake with the cell phone and it not being able to swim, all worked out.