Using Business Centres as Contact Points for National & International Market Expansion

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There are a lot of ways to break into new markets and attract new customers – from selling through a third party to setting up an office on the ground in that market. The main goal of expanding into a new market is to increase your sales and market share, but you will get less resistance from the market if you are seen as being local. You can get distributors to buy your product and then sell it to their own customers, therefore customers see themselves as dealing with a local company. This also means not having direct control over the selling, branding or marketing strategies that the distributor uses, essentially meaning that you do not have direct input on how your product will be represented in that particular marketplace. You could buy or merge with a local company in that market, even if it is just buying a controlling […]

Small business survival: The numbers don’t lie!

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If you speak to people who know business statistics, you will hear them say that many small businesses will fail within the first five years. These facts are a contributing factor to people buying long-established businesses in order to gain a higher chance of success compared to a start-up. So what are the odds of surviving more than five years? There are government organizations who keep statistics on this. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “About half of all new establishments survive five years or more and about one-third survive 10 years or more. As one would expect, the probability of survival increases with a firm’s age. Survival rates have changed little over time.” These statistics are backed up by the Small Business Administration (SBA), who state that nearly 66% of small businesses will survive their first two years. What that implies is that only about one-third of […]

Small business owner productivity tips

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There are plenty of terms that are touted around the business world like efficiency, but finding their meanings is not as easy as using them. So what do words like efficiency mean? If you Google efficiency, this is what you will get: “the state or quality of being efficient” and “greater energy efficiency.” Synonyms: organization, order, orderliness, regulation, coherence; More an action designed to achieve this. Plural noun: efficiencies “to increase efficiencies and improve earnings.” Technical – the ratio of the useful work performed by a machine or in a process to the total energy expended or heat taken in. It is also short for efficiency apartments.* In your Google search you will also see what Wikipedia says: “Efficiency is the (often measurable) ability to avoid wasting materials, energy, efforts, money, and time in doing something or in producing a desired result. In a more general sense, it is the […]

Tips For Small Businesses to Appear Much Larger Than they Are!

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Having one address at a prestigious location can be good, but what about having multiple location addresses with a 800 number to 1 location? Your small business can saves money and appears like have multiple locations for less than the cost of 1 office space with the 1 800 number meaning you only need 1 phone + address account. So how is this done? You can have virtual office locations with several Alliance business centers that are located around the world in over 80 countries. With several virtual office locations and a 800 number, your client or prospect will call you and ask to speak to the location nearest them, but the call will be forwarded to where you are working or to your Toronto head office location. When your small business has a live receptionist answering your calls with your business name, your customers believe that you are bigger […]

Where to locate your business

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It is often said that the three most important factors in making sure a business is successful are ‘location, location, location.’ Even if your business is not retail and does not rely on walk-in traffic, your location is important to your customers and prospective clients. Yes, you prospective clients will often research your small business to find out if you are local and if you at a real business address. You may not need to maintain a physical presence near your customers, but your business address should be where your customers are – or where they expect you to be. You could have a head office location at a prestigious business address and have a majority of your production or staff working from another location that better suits the work that is being done – or where you are paying less rent. You want your customers to see your primary […]

Virtual Office Solutions for Opening a Canadian Branch Office

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The two most common ways in which foreigners register to operate their businesses in Canada are through the registration of a Canadian branch or the incorporation of a Canadian subsidiary. When a foreign company is looking to expand its business into other markets, it usually just opens a branch office to test the waters – because the cost of registering a branch office with the government is less expensive than potential legal fees involved with incorporating a subsidiary. Having only a branch office allows foreign companies an easier exit from Canada if they do not see the results they were expecting in their expansion. Often companies looking to open a branch office in Canada will look to set up office space at a serviced office business centre where they are not tied to a long-term lease. Besides not needing to sign a long-term lease, companies benefit from serviced office providers […]

Tips for building a productive virtual office

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A growing number of companies are allowing their team to work remotely from home, but still wonder what they can do to keep their virtual team productive. If you, like many small business owners, choose to run your company from the comfort of your home, we have some tips for you to keep your virtual office place productive. The most important thing about running a virtual team is keeping the communication channels open and equal. To keep the communications that are most important flowing, you need to be organized and have a plan. Your virtual workplace needs structure to have good record keeping of communications that can be searched for later use, and so that you know what your team is doing. Some of the various tools that you would utilize in a physical office to keep communications flowing and records up to date, may not be the best for […]

Preparing your Virtual Office for the Holidays

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More and more small businesses are running out of a virtual office, rather than physical office space. Companies large and small use virtual office situations so that employees can telecommute to work from where they live or even from a coffee shop. All mail and calls are routed through a central virtual office provider and forwarded to the appropriate person in the organization. But when it comes to the holidays, there may be something missing when it comes to only communicating online with management and coworkers. Christmas provides a great opportunity to build team morale and help alleviate one of the biggest issues for those of us working from home or a virtual workplace. People who go from a traditional workplace to a home based or virtual setting miss the feeling of being connected to the workplace through the relationships they have with other employees. The feeling of isolation is one […]

Your Small Business can go Green with a Virtual Office

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Your small business needs a business address, but do you always need a physical office? This is especially true if your company wants to reduce your carbon footprint and be greener. One way your small business can go green is with a virtual office. Thanks to technology, you do not always need to be chained to a desk to conduct your business. Even many larger companies are now allowing and encouraging their employees to work from home. This is mainly because of technology that allows employees to work remotely, and not have to take up large physical spaces in office buildings. There are now companies that do not have physical office space. Rather, they utilize the services of a virtual office provider to be the hub of their business as well as a centralized telecommuting centre. Consider how many trees are saved when businesses go paperless (or reduce paper usage) […]

Evolving Technologies are Redefining What Canadians Look for in a Workplace

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Technology has dramatically reshaped the average workplace in North America over the past few decades. The office environment of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s is no longer the norm. Instead, the office and work environment has been taken over by rapid technological advancement. Technology now allows workers to interact with a global market, and even work from home or take work with them while on the road. Advancement of technology has changed everything in terms of how we work and where we work too. Evolving technology has opened doors for innovation, efficiency, research and further education. Technology has become an integral part of how we work and how we deliver our products and services to our customers. The influx of new technologies that has been making an impact on our personal lives has also affected our professional lives. It has greatly affected the way we conduct business and the […]

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