A Guide to the Venue Vetting Process for Booking Your Event

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  Booking a Venue: Event Planner, Venue Procurement Agency or DIY? Planning a seminar for your SME organization, or perhaps a business to business networking event? One of the first items on your checklist that you’ll need to consider is the venue. There are several ways you can go when choosing a venue: consult with a professional event planner, hire a venue procurement agency, or do it yourself (DIY). Here, we cover all three options so you can make an informed decision. DIY If you’re a hands-on person who likes to be in control of every detail, or you simply don’t have the budget for contracting an event planner or agency, then you’ll want to opt for making the venue arrangements yourself. The caveat with going the DIY route is that there’s more to booking a venue than you might think. It requires research, vetting and negotiation with the venue […]

Choosing The Right Venue for Your Corporate Event or Seminar

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  Tips on How to Find the Perfect Venue for Your Small Event It’s incredibly easy to put the cart before the horse when it comes to finding an event venue for your small corporate or business to business event. To a great degree the venue you choose will be dependent on the purpose and goals of the event, expectations of the audience and budget for the event. Free Event Space Isn’t Always the Best Choice What if you have a free venue for your corporate event? You still need to access the free event space because it may not be suitable for the purpose of the event or meet your attendee’s expectations for the event. When choosing a venue your focus should be on meeting the purpose and goals of the event! Often small corporate events can be held in the business location to cut costs and for employee […]