Traveling Past the Polar Vortex

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It’s coming back and it’s going to be harsh. Thirty six to forty eight hours from the time this is written, the temperature is going to plummet and Toronto will freeze under the icy blanket of another polar vortex. In two days time, Toronto will be as cold as the Arctic. The cold snap is expected to last ten to fourteen days before it breaks. Here are a few tips to help keep you from breaking before it does. First, please remember that Friday is Groundhog Day which, at that time, will probably mean one of two things to you depending on if you’re a half full or half empty sort. Those who are half empty will remember that the Mars-scape that faces them Friday morning will be their realities for the foreseeable future and be bummed. The half-full set, on the other hand, will remember that no matter what […]

The Report

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The body of the report spanned thirty pages alone, perhaps more. Every minute detail, every compromise decision, every last mistake was supposed to be laid bare and spelled out for the entire world, and more importantly those who held the IT and marketing teams accountable, to see. Because the material ventured into highly technical information understood by only a fraction of the people who would read it, an equally lengthy glossary of terms accompanied it, along with an appendix filled with expanded diagrams, graphs, and charts, most of which couldn’t be made to fit properly in the body of the report itself. Oddly enough, nobody in the chain of people who received the report felt in the least worried about the findings. Even the developers, those poor souls whose work was being dissected and judged, were happy to receive it. No matter what, they could blame the hapless folk in […]

Clues that you need a new office space

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As a small business owner, it can sometimes be difficult to recognize the signs that your business is in need of a new office space. Not being able to recognize the signs can often be attributed to fear. Yes, the fear of change! It can be that you fear how the change will effect your workers and even possibly your customers. Regardless of the reason, not moving into newer or better office space could have negative consequences for your business. So what are the clues that you might need new office space? Here are a few that you should think about when it comes to your small business. Your current office space does not reflect or complement the brand you are building. It can be difficult to project a modern or progressive brand when your offices are located on the second floor of a suburban strip mall (between a dentist’s […]

An entrepreneur’s glossary to some common business terms

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We compiled a list of common words and acronyms related to entrepreneurship and small business. Some you may know and others you may have heard, but did not know what they mean. Advertising A paid public method of gaining attention to a product or business by paid announcements on radio, TV, print or electronic media such as internet PPC (pay per click). Advertising is not to be confused with marketing, public relations or SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There are entire websites devoted to just advertising terms and vocabulary. Angel Investors An angel investor (also known as a business angel, informal investor, angel funder, or private investor) is an affluent individual who provides capital for a business start-up, usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity while they are trying to find a more substantial investment in a business. A small but increasing number of angel investors are now investing […]

Our holiday may not be your holiday – but we’re always open!

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Our office space and virtual office clients do not always celebrate the same holidays as we do. But rest assured that our office space is always open to them 24/7. Yes, our reception staff and administrative staff are celebrating Christmas (Boxing Bay) and Chanukah (Hanukkah) with their families, but our office tenants still have access to their offices whenever they want. Any day of the year, our office space tenants have access to their offices where they can get work done at their own pace. The holiday  season is often a great time to do some catching up, clean their offices or just come in and relax after a few hectic days of shopping for the Boxing Day (actually more like Boxing Week) bargains. Our staff returns to work on Tuesday, December 27. However, many of our tenants have taken the week week off and will not return until the New […]

Toronto Office Space for American Businesses

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Toronto Office Space for American Businesses For those thinking of relocating their business to Canada A sense of shock still hangs in the air. People are contemplating their futures in the midst of extraordinary change. Several times on election night, the server hosting the Immigration Canada website crashed under the load of Americans considering leaving the United States temporarily or permanently. Even before the election, the Telsec Business Centre in Toronto has fielded calls from American businesses looking to expand into the Canadian market. In the last week, Telsec has taken calls from businesses concerned about their foreign business relationships. Telsec has a short primer on Doing Business in Canada and a number of blog posts over the previous months. Entries such as like Registering Your Business In Canada, US Startups should begin international expansion in Canada , Canadian businesses are having a 30% off sale – well, almost!  and Canada: A […]

Where you Work may Affect how you Focus on Your Small Business

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Garages, basements, kitchens, living rooms, coffee shops, and co-working spaces are commonplace for a start-up’s so-called headquarters. But are those types of locations the most productive places to get work done? For a small group of entrepreneurs these may work; but for many others utilizing these types of spaces, their creativity is being lost without them knowing it. While the experiences of starting up in alternative work space environments are invaluable and necessary for company growth, working in these unconventional spaces, with their countless distractions, can make it difficult to get real work done. This is why it is important for entrepreneurs to know the best place to work and keep their focus. Home offices can work well for some entrepreneurs and small business owners if they are dedicated spaces relatively free from distractions and home-life interruptions. ‘Non-business’ places outside of the home can also cause a loss on focus, […]

You Realize you Could use the Guidance of a Mentor, but how do you Find one?

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Before beginning your search for a mentor, you need to be able to understand when and where you need help. This will improve your chances of finding the right mentor to help you. You do not want to look for a mentor who is specialized in accounting, when you need help with marketing and distribution. In other words, be sure to seek out individuals with expertise in your weak points, not your strengths. One of the first steps in finding a mentor is to identify people you admire for their expertise and can learn from. Research their backgrounds and then reach out to request a meeting or phone call. It is important that when you reach out to someone, be sure you clarify your intention and respect a potential mentors’ time. The worst thing that can happen when reaching out is that person says “no.” So move on to the […]

You Don’t Need a Dragon or a Shark – You May Just Need a Mentor!

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Entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to grow their new or existing businesses will sometimes appear on popular TV shows like Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank to pitch their ideas to millionaire investors. While some of the people who appear on the show truly need the financial help and the clout they get by partnering with one of these dragons or sharks, others do not. They may just need a mentor. It is no secret that starting a small business can seem to be quite a lonely endeavour, but it does not have to be. The new challenges and hurdles that even experienced entrepreneurs will face in a new business venture can be just as difficult as the ones they faced in their first business venture. This is why finding a mentor can be the key to getting past the “fake it until you make it” stage. Mentorship is not […]

You Have Built Your Brand – now you Need to Protect it!

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Everything identifying your small business , including your name, the names of your products and services, your logo, slogan and taglines, create a unique statement for your small business. Your memorable branding is what gives you that edge over your competitor and helps drive brand and customer awareness and loyalty. In order to keep your branding yours, you need to protect it. Protecting your brand and its associated products and services is critical to your future sales and success. Registering your trademark gives you exclusive rights to use it. Without trademark protection, a competitor could use your branded materials or something similar to confuse your customers into thinking that they are buying your branded product or service. It is not just the logo of your small business that you need to trademark, but also your branded slogan, the names of your products or services, and any taglines or sound marks […]

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