Things are changing around Yonge and Queen’s Quay – but Telsec is here to stay

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If you haven't been down to the Harbourfront area of Toronto in a while, you'll be quite surprised at all of the changes that are happening from Yonge Street to Parliament Street along Queen's Quay. While new buildings like Corus Quay (home of Corus Entertainment’s Radio, TV and educational content creations) and George Brown College have been completed for several years at their Sugar Beach location, more buildings are going up on the same property. Several new condos have also been completed and people have moved into the area west of the Redpath Sugar complex. And, more are being built. There are also plenty of other mixed-use buildings under construction along the north side of Queen's Quay. With all the development that's underway and more development planned for an area that was traditionally shipping docks, warehouses and light manufacturing, this growing area has truly come into its own as a [...]

Lest We Forget on this Remembrance Day 2016

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Today is Remembrance Day. At the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, we take time to remember those who gave their lives in various wars in the defense of our freedoms as Canadians. This blog entry is dedicated to the soldiers who died in battle and those veterans who have served their country, as well as those who are currently serving. Remembrance Day was first observed in 1919 throughout the British Commonwealth. It was originally called “Armistice Day” to commemorate armistice agreement that ended the First World War on Monday, November 11, 1918, at 11 a.m. – on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. Many people wear artificial poppies on their clothes in the weeks before Remembrance Day. Red poppies symbolize the memory of those who died. On November 11, special services are organized. The proceedings most often include the playing […]

Location, location, location! We’ve said it’s important so many times!

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While a good office/business location is often emphasized and often even preached, have you really thought about the way your business location has affected the bottom line of your small business? One of our largest office space competitors, Regus, did some research on the topic of location that we thought we should share with our readers. Yes, Regus wants our location. But Telsec is not going to give up the number one address on Canada’s most famous street, One Yonge Street, where many businesses want to be located. So, Regus surveyed 19,000 business owners and found that more than 80% of those who responded stated that “customer retention rates can be increased by greater physical proximity to customers.” Almost as many respondents (78%) also said that “physical closeness to customers also helps solve customer problems and improve customer satisfaction levels.” If your customers are seeing a business address that is […]

June is Bike Month

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June is Bike Month, a celebration of cycling in the Greater Toronto Area with hundreds of community events scheduled – including rides, races, tours, festivals and more. Bicycle commuting is becoming more popular in Toronto. In fact, many of our office tenants cycle to work or leave the office by bicycle – and we want to encourage more people to do the same. There are plenty of dedicated bicycle lanes downtown, but none as spectacular as the Queens Quay portion of the Martin Goodman Trail. This trail leads you right to the front doors of 1 Yonge Street. There are plenty of bicycle racks on the Yonge Street (west) side of the Toronto Star Building and a few on the Queens Quay (south) side of the building. There are even people in the building who have collapsible folding bikes that they take right into their office. Telsec is a very […]

The Impressive new Financial Hub At 1 Yonge Street Officially Opens

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Three of Toronto’s leading financial specialists have joined forces to launch a new Banking Centre at 1 Yonge Street (Toronto Star Building) on the Toronto waterfront. Luminus Financial (formerly Toronto Star Credit Union), Interchange Currency Exchange, and CWP Financial Services Inc. (a Sun Life Financial Advisor) have partnered to create a new, amenity-laden, full-service banking experience. This means that small business owners at Telsec Business Centre (on the 18th floor of the Toronto Star Building), now have a convenient, welcoming place to handle all their financial needs without even leaving the building! According to George De La Rosa, CEO of Luminus: “The hub is designed to foster an environment where individuals can interact with the staff through large open spaces and meeting areas one-on-one, or in a group. It’s a physical expression for what we do already which is build relationships and trust so we can provide the best possible […]

Having Access to Virtual Office Services During the Pan Am Games Can Be Good

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With the Pan American Games in Toronto July 10-26 and Parapan American Games August 7-15, traffic in Toronto is going to be chaotic. In an effort to avoid the traffic congestion and other crowding issues caused by the games, many of our office-for-rent tenants are asking about working remotely from home or somewhere outside of the city. Because Telsec offers remote working services to their virtual office clients, we are able to offer our office-for-rent clients options to work away from the office, while their customers believe they are in the office and it is business as usual. Try doing that in a tradition rental office! Instead of having their postal mail and correspondence delivered to their office when they are away, some office tenants are opting to pay a small administrative fee to have their mail scanned and e-mailed to them – similar to services offered to mail-forwarding clients […]

BBQ Lunch at our Toronto Office Space

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Every year, Triovest, the company that manages the Toronto Star Building at 1 Yonge Street (home of Telsec Business Centres) has a free BBQ for the building’s tenants. Everyone in the building, including all Telsec office space for rent Toronto tenants, were invited to the annual BBQ. This is Triovest’s way of thanking all the tenants of the building. This Thursday, June 13 BBQ was not just a chance for a free lunch, but a chance for office tenants to get to know the building management and the staff who keep everything going. While the meal was complimentary, everyone was encouraged to bring a non-perishable food item to help out local food banks. So a lot of food was consumed, but a great deal of food was also donated. This year they had delicious BBQ pulled pork on a bun, grilled chicken on a bun, and of course, a homemade […]

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