Flexible Workspace: What is it and Who Benefits?

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I recently read an interesting Flexible Workspace Study about how flex space is perceived by end users; individuals responsible for procuring office space for their companies; coworking and serviced office providers and landlords. The survey was not huge as the study describes its composition as being “The survey was sent to over 500 people across the industry.”. However, combined with my experiences here at Telsec Business Centres for going on 4 years and as an end user I’d agree with much of what the study shows as the benefits of the workplace environment for workers and organizations. What is Flexible Workspace or Flex Space? Flexible workspace: the term the industry uses to refer to any type of space outside of the conventional lease market. Identifying the different types of respondents included excellent definitions for coworking; serviced offices; hybrid office providers which are office space providers with a mix of coworking and serviced office space and flexible workspace which includes all […]

Seven tips for successful small-business and start-up owners

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What you know today about your business may not be what you will know tomorrow. So, learning from experienced business owners will help you to learn from their experiences. After years of running a small business, owners inevitably gather many lessons about how to grow and run a business more effectively. Here are some tips that will save you taking years of learning and help you today. Be specific with your goals. Most entrepreneurs and small business owners have goals, but usually they are generic and not very specific. If you want to increase sales, set a number that you want to reach. If you want to increase employee productivity, tell them how many units you expect them to sell in a specific amount of time. The key to setting and achieving specific goals is to break your goals into multiple and small achievable portions. Build a support network. Being […]

Serviced office and business centre FAQ’s

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Because our blog is more about offering advice to small business and less about the services that we offer, we often get people asking us questions about serviced offices and office business centres. So we decided to create this blog to answer some of the questions that people ask us on social media. To start, we should answer the most asked question: “What is a serviced office business centre”? A serviced office is a situation where office space is rented and there is nothing you need to bring. The office is furnished with modern office furniture and fully wired for phones and internet. All you need to bring is your files and computer. There is even a connection to a network printer and you have a live receptionist who answers your calls. The biggest question that is constantly asked about our serviced office space is “do I have to sign […]

Ten questions to ask before choosing office space for your start-up

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As your start-up business begins to take off, working from a home office may no longer be an option, and you require professional office space. You know that you need enough space for you and your current employees, but you might need a little more for a few additional staffers that may be full-time or part-time. 1. Location, location, location? Just where is the office space you are considering located? Is it a convenient location that your staff and customers can easily get to? (see our blog on office location) You need to know if it is close to mass transit and accessible by local buses and if there are bicycle routes nearby. Why the bicycle routes? Statistics show that more and more people in major centres are commuting by bicycle – and cities like Toronto are putting a lot of money into developing dedicated bicycle lanes and paths to […]

Top Eight Consulting Businesses

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Consulting business are fast becoming the most popular businesses that semi-retired, retired and disenfranchised employees are looking to get into. So lets talk about what consulting businesses are in most demand. This can help you to decide what type of consulting business that you may want to start from home. Accounting Consultants: While every business needs good accounting help and have good inside accountants, many are hiring accounting consultants to ensure that their accounting practices are delivering the best results and forecasting data that a company needs. Advertising Consultants: With the price of advertising and the new types and and channels for advertising these days, it is no wonder that advertising consultants are in great demand. Now more than ever before in the history of advertising has there been so many options in terms of types of ads and where they are placed. Advertising consultants are tasked with finding not only […]

Things you could have done in 2016 (and still can) to grow your business

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With only a month and a half left in 2016, there is still things you can do before years end that will help to grow your business in 2017. Most small business owners feel that they can not afford to lose a customer, but what if that customer is taking up most of your time or that of your staff (without paying more than other clients)? It might be time to fire those clients or customers whose business only causes daily stress to you and your team, this could free up more time for new customers who are less demanding and easier to deal with. While you are firing bad customers who are time wasters, you want to take that time and concentrate on reaching out to new prospects. You will be surprised how many customers you can get by cultivating your list of prospects on a regular basis, because […]

Office space versus a virtual office: Which is best for you?

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There is no reason not to have an upscale professional business address. But you do not necessarily need to have a physical office at that particular location. Sometimes a physical office space is important to your business, but what if it is not? Let’s talk about the best options for your small business. There are a range of business address options to choose from, including traditional raw office space, serviced office space and virtual offices. But which one is the most flexible and cost-efficient fit for your small business? Many small businesses owners and entrepreneurs may not have the financial capacity to lease traditional physical office space and pay for the infrastructure that type of space requires. The cost of office furniture, telephone systems and other office equipment such as photocopiers adds up. This has caused serviced offices and virtual offices to increased in popularity, because small business owners want […]

Are Business Centres the Office Workplaces of the Future?

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The future of the workplace is more work and less place, especially given the impact of new technologies and the changing demands of a new generation of workers. Even with some employees working full-time or part-time at home or in other remote locations, there still needs to be an office for the business. One trend in corporate offices today is to have fewer and smaller individual workspaces and a greater portion of the workspace dedicated to interactive and collaborative uses. Companies are changing the functions of the workplace more toward intense interaction spaces. Office space is being optimized for all types of collaboration, including space to bring remote workers into the office on a schedule. Even having remote workers come into the office a few times a month for meetings and team-building exercises requires a flexible workspace that can be changed or reconfigured when needed. Traditional office space with cubicles […]

Reasons why your business growth has plateaued – and how to fix that

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Do you remember the story about the little train that could: “I know I Can, I know I Can.” Well, many entrepreneurs think that positive attitude is what will fuel the growth of their small business. Unfortunately, it is not not a lack of positive thinking that stalls business growth; it is not having the right business mindset to look within to change things for the better. The first step to continuing growth is to see and admit that your small business has reached a growth plateau – and the earlier the better. The second step is not to make uninformed decisions – such as throwing more money behind advertising, aggressive marketing and promotions. Also, avoid trying to pour more cash or investments into your business until you know what is really causing your plateau. You might not need to make a big spend or to invest more money. You […]

Business Centres: Watch out for Hidden Costs!

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The concept of service offices and business centres is great for small business owners who do not want the capital expense costs of opening an office in traditional raw office space. However, some serviced offices come with hidden costs that business owners do not expect. When renting an all-inclusive office space, make sure that you know in advance what is and what is not included before you sign the rental agreement. Unless you know all the facts, you may sign up for a serviced office space, believing it to be at a fixed price, only to find that there are hidden costs added. What are the hidden charges in a serviced office? Here are some essential questions to ask the business centre provider before signing up for a serviced office package. Are there set-up costs or charges? You need to ask about any set-up costs that might be incurred when […]

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