Getting the Kids Back to School is a Reason to get Serious About Business

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The commercials have already started for back to school. Stores are already putting together their back-to-school sections – and the kids are grumbling about it being too soon to think about their summer holidays ending. But what are parents thinking about? With their children going back to school, entrepreneurial parents will have more time to concentrate on what they need to do about their existing business (or perhaps starting a new one). Parents who own small businesses will often take some time off during school summer holidays to spend with their kids. This could be a few days here and there, a week or two, long weekends or even just shorten their workday to spend more time with their kids. Come the first weeks of August, parents who have taken time away from their business start to think about what they have to do in order to grow or improve […]

Advantages of Live Seminars Over Virtual Seminars

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As we have written about (along with many others who have likely giving you small business advice), one of the best new ways of talking to customers and potential clients is by doing seminars and webinars. But what are the advantages of having live seminars over virtual/online seminars and training sessions? Having the choice available for attendees is key. First, having your attendees in the same room as you are gives you the chance to truly interact with them. But it also provides more networking opportunities for your attendees with others. People are more likely to network more closely with others in person rather than online. We are, after all, social creatures. When you have people coming to your seminar or training session, you have a greater opportunity to gather more information about them and potentially turn them into long-term customers for your business – simply because of the information […]

How to Create a Fantastic Seminar/Training Session or Networking Event

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Seminars are a powerful way to build awareness of your company, market your products or services, and possibly create a new revenue stream for your business. Regardless of what type of business you are in, you most likely have knowledge and expertise that others would find helpful and may also encourage potential attendees to use your services. Here is a checklist and some tips to make your seminars ‘fantastic’: Determine the cost of your event. This will help you decide if your content should be more informational or more sales oriented. You do not want a high price and a high-pressure sales event because you will likely discourage possible attendees. When scheduling your seminar, watch for potential conflicts that could reduce your attendance. You do not want to have your event on the same day or time as a competitor’s event – or even another local event that is non-related, […]

Tips to Fill Your Seminar or Training Session

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Your seminar is planned and you have a training room booked, now you just have to fill the seats and get people to attend. When you are setting out to create your first training session, your task is to get an audience and gather interest in what you are promoting or training. How are you going to fill your seminar or training session? Here are some tips to help you succeed in getting people to attend. Promote on announcement and Meetup sites! There are plenty of event announcement websites and most of them are free. Social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus have places to post and promote your event. Besides social media event places, there are sites such as Meetup where you can crowd-source and promote your seminar to people who share the common interest of your training session. Mention it in your newsletter! If you have […]

Seminar or Training Rooms Should Have a Venue Checklist

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So you are conducting a seminar or training session. But from where are you doing it – and what will you need to make it a success? Before we go over the checklist that you need, let’s talk about the location. Yes, even for training sessions and seminars, the “location, location, location” rule applies! The location of your training session and the training room that you eventually use could influence the success of your event. Besides the prestige of the location of your training session, another important consideration is access to public transit nearby and the availability of parking for your intended audience. Those who do not drive want easy access to public transit; and those who will be driving want close and convenient parking. Any good training session requires refreshments to ensure that everyone is happy. It is important to know that the training room facility that you plan […]

How to gain new customers using seminars and training

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Many small business owners attended seminars and training room sessions when they were first starting out, just to get some knowledge and a feel for what it was like to be their own boss. Even as their business continues to grow, smart business owners seek out training and business seminars for growth – especially free events. Attending these seminars builds trust between them and the trainer/seminar holder, so much so that they may consider doing business with them. Regardless of what type of product or service your business provides, you too can offer seminars and training sessions that can increase awareness of your potential customers. Doing your first seminar or training session will not be easy, unless you have experience with public speaking and are passionate about what you do. The more you do your seminar or training session, the more you become comfortable with presenting. The more comfortable and […]

Who you hire to do your small business marketing reflects on your image

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It is important to know who you hire to do your small business marketing, because their actions and work reflects on the image of your brand and your company. When an outside marketer makes a mistake, your audience will still see your brand and not theirs. Last week after leaving a meeting at my Telsec office, I encountered a poster stapled to a tree outside the liquor store a block away from my office. I could not believe that someone would actually put a poster on a tree in this day and age of being environmentally friendly. Nothing can ruin a company’s reputation faster than being seen as not being environmentally conscientious. I decided that I wanted to let my friends know what bad marketing is and to expose the company on my person social media accounts, not as the writer of this blog. I posted a photo of it […]

How to Create a Successful Seminar

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Unless you are conducting seminars on a regular basis, chances are you might not be as prepared as you think. For many people, giving their first seminar is probably the hardest, because presenting might be a scary thing. The interesting thing about fear of public speaking, is that it is something even seasoned presenters still have. In my capacity as a marketer, I have had to make a lot of presentations which are like seminars on a smaller scale. First tip on giving a great seminar is that there is no one correct way of giving one, so do not get hung up with trying to do your seminar the way that you have seen others do theirs. When preparing for your seminar, it is important to remember that there are lots of different styles that suit various presenters’ personalities. What works for some people may not work for others. […]