Choosing The Right Venue for Your Corporate Event or Seminar

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  Tips on How to Find the Perfect Venue for Your Small Event It’s incredibly easy to put the cart before the horse when it comes to finding an event venue for your small corporate or business to business event. To a great degree the venue you choose will be dependent on the purpose and goals of the event, expectations of the audience and budget for the event. Free Event Space Isn’t Always the Best Choice What if you have a free venue for your corporate event? You still need to access the free event space because it may not be suitable for the purpose of the event or meet your attendee’s expectations for the event. When choosing a venue your focus should be on meeting the purpose and goals of the event! Often small corporate events can be held in the business location to cut costs and for employee […]

The best group training and meeting layouts

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When you are planning a training session or meeting, the layout of the training/seminar room can be just as important as its location. The layout of the room can set the tone and change the desired outcome of your meeting or training session. You just need to choose what that direction and outcome is going to be. Have you ever been in a meeting in a room that was in a different configuration from one you are accustomed to? Was that meeting or training session more or less effective than what you expected? That format was most likely planned to achieve the best results of what the meeting organizers were trying to accomplish. Let us help you to understand the reasons for different training or meeting room layouts – so when you rent one from a business centre like Telsec, you will get what you need. It is important to […]

How a small business finds its training seminar opportunity

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When you are launching a new product or a new business process or procedure, the most important thing is to train your staff and your distributors about the new product and how they can help the end-customer better understand it. You could go around and train one or two people at a time. But you could also arrange a large group training seminar. If you do not have the space, consider renting a training seminar room in offering professional atmosphere at an upscale office business centre. With in-house classroom training and development, a group of employees gathers in a room (on-site or off-site) and is led through the training program by an instructor. These sessions can be facilitated by trainers who are either employees themselves or outside specialists that are familiar with the new product or service. In-house/internal training does not always need to be about a new product or […]

Small business and start-up growth tips

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Start-ups and small and medium-sized business owners are always looking for new ways to make sure they stay ahead of their competitors – and growth is the way that most experts see as the best answer. They want to stay competitive with other small business, but they also want to stay competitive with larger global brands. Growth can come in many forms, but the top ones currently are: Expansion into new markets Building your online presence Automating the processes within your company Do not just attend networking events or training seminars – create your own Expansion into new markets. Canadian companies should look outside their borders for new markets, but not before tapping into good growth markets at home. Once those Canadian growth markets are exhausted, then they need to explore U.S. markets that closely resemble the make up their best Canadian markets. They need to look at the demographics […]

Tips for business growth: Reading, planning and wasting money!

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Did you know that reading, planning and wasting money are three things that you may not have thought of when trying to grow your small business? When is the last time you picked up a book on business or even a biography of a successful business person? I am not talking about sitting down and reading a book cover-to-cover, but reading key chapters that could influence you on ways to improve your business. This could be a book that is new to you, or one that you want to re-visit and learn more from, or simply to get another perspective that you did not get the first time you read it. While my preference is reading a printed book over reading an e-book, the options of available online e-books can sometimes be more convenient. Purchasing a physical book or an e-book can be great, but also consider visiting a public […]

How to start a retail business from home

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This blog is the third in a series about home-based profitable businesses that you can start without having to carry large inventories or to have a full-time presence in a physical office or storefront. It is often mentioned that small businesses employ more people than all large businesses combined. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play a major role in the Canadian economy. Industry Canada says that 99% of businesses in Canada have fewer than 500 employees and they employ 64% of workers in the private sector. A great deal of those businesses are retail based. In the USA, the retail industry provides a way of life for the more than 24 million people who earn their livelihood from it. Regardless of the type of retail business you want to start, you cannot ignore the power and reach of the Internet. Each type of retailing has strengths and weaknesses, so you […]

How to create a series of seminars for small business owners and consumers

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In our previous article “How to Create a Series of Seminars” we primarily focused on creating seminars and training sessions for larger businesses, but what about seminars and training sessions for small business owners and consumers? As a small business owner, what skills or wisdom do you have to share with other small business owners or consumers? Hundreds of thousands of people pay to attend meetings, seminars, workshops and training programs every year. By creating and conducting seminars or training sessions, you could bring additional income to your business – you just need to find the topic that your audience will pay you to learn about. The most popular training topics include customer service and creative problem-solving. But they can also include team building, leadership and sales motivation. So, where are you going to start looking for your audience? Professional and local service organizations are always on the lookout for […]

How to create a series of seminars

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Over the past few decades, the seminar business has become quite big because the demand is high. The demand for seminars is not only important with some consumers, it has also become in demand by small businesses and giant corporations alike. As a small business owner, you might be able to get in the game to show off your skills and the skills of those around you. Conducting seminars could result in additional income for your business – because there are hundreds of thousands of people paying to attend meetings, seminars, workshops and training programs every year. Some of these people are sent to these types of events by their employer, while others attend them for personal growth and knowledge. There are thousands of topics being taught each year – from sales and management techniques to managing stress and building financial growth. When you are setting up your seminar series, […]

Seminars and Training Sessions Provide the Perfect Networking Opportunities

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Whether you’re starting your own new business or trying to expand your current small business —networking can be your life support. Networking can propel your business to the next level professionally, while also simultaneously enhancing different aspects of your personal life. The trick to effective networking is to develop lasting relationships, so it is important to be genuine in all your actions. To do this you must listen, be patient, and understand the needs of others— while also understanding your own needs too and what you can benefit from others. Social media can be a great networking platform, but it is no substitute for face-to-face communication. Your local library will often offer free programs, seminars and workshops – on topics such as social media, taxes, the law, networking, using a computer, digital design, franchising and more. These can be a great opportunity to meet other small business owners who might […]

Getting the Kids Back to School is a Reason to get Serious About Business

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The commercials have already started for back to school. Stores are already putting together their back-to-school sections – and the kids are grumbling about it being too soon to think about their summer holidays ending. But what are parents thinking about? With their children going back to school, entrepreneurial parents will have more time to concentrate on what they need to do about their existing business (or perhaps starting a new one). Parents who own small businesses will often take some time off during school summer holidays to spend with their kids. This could be a few days here and there, a week or two, long weekends or even just shorten their workday to spend more time with their kids. Come the first weeks of August, parents who have taken time away from their business start to think about what they have to do in order to grow or improve […]

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