What is Coworking Office Space?

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  Coworking: The Who, What, Why & Where for Startups & Entrepreneurs As a marketer one of my prime resources for promoting all our products are the questions that potential clients ask about our services. Since coworking is a new offering in the flexible workspace category that we didn’t have a lot of questions about, I used a tool which identifies the questions in the suggestions that users get when they enter search terms into Google. The best content that I can add to a site is content that answers questions our website visitors may have about our offerings. Coworking: What Does It Mean? Easily the $64 question as even the spelling is disputed as to whether it is coworking or co-working. What it means depends on who you’re asking. To some users it means: All non-traditional office space (flexible workspace) A workplace design and environment Office space with themed […]

Small business and start-up time management tips

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Everyone always say that “Time is Money” when it comes to your small business. But you need to know how to manage it so that your time is used wisely and productively. You cannot get time back that has been lost, so we compiled some tips that will help you to identify and rectify the way you spend your time. Audit your day by creating a time log. We are not suggesting that you log every minute and hour of every day. You just need to create a log that sets a benchmark for a how your time is used on a typical day. This may require you to log your time for a few days if your schedule is different over those particular days (eg. Monday is spend in the office, Tuesday is spent on the road, Wednesday is spent in the factory or warehouse, etc). Once you have […]

Spam, clickbait, scams, hoaxes and malware – how do they affect your business?

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We have all seen examples of spam, clickbait, scams, hoaxes and malware, but how do they affect your small business? Some of these are obvious money wasters, but what should you and your staff know about all of these Internet annoyances. Actually, annoyances is a very soft word to describe the costs to your business. Since the beginnings of the world wide web and access to the Internet came to the masses, spam or unsolicited emails started filling up people’s inboxes. The more prevalent that spam became, the more people and businesses looked for ways of blocking it. The early methods worked – but then spammers became more advanced and it became harder to block. This caused people to have to spend more time (and therefore money) sifting through these emails or spending even more money on more sophisticated email spam filters. It is now common for businesses to budget […]

Stop worrying about millennials and get ready for Gen Z

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Millennials (aka Generation Y) are those born between 1982 and 1993 are proving to be a very entrepreneurial generation. But the next generation may be even more ambitious than them! Enter Gen Z (those born between 1994 and 2010) or what is called “The internet generation” – who are by far the most tech-savvy, connected and self-educated group. Unlike Millennials who love the gig economy, research is showing Gen Z want steady paycheques. What also makes Gen Z different? They claim to be both more accepting and more rebellious. Rebellion was pretty much absent for Millennials in their youth, as they seemed to have had a very shiny outlook on things. Gen Z is upset about the system that they’re inheriting – so it seems rebellion is back. The first members of Gen Z will be graduating from university in just a few years, and market researchers and trend forecasters […]

Buying vs leasing vs renting office space – different perspectives!

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When a growing small business reaches that point where operating from a home office is no longer an option, the owner is faced with the choice of buying, leasing or renting office space. There are plenty of other articles on the Internet to help you through the legal and financial options of leasing over buying, but most do not address the potential of renting office space without a lease at an office business centre. For the purposes of this blog, we will define the three options more practically. Buying office space: This would be space within an office condo complex or a business complex, but it could also be a stand-alone building that is not in a business area. Leasing office space: This refers to traditional raw office space that is in an office building or tower, meaning that the space is yours to set up as you like. Renting office […]

Have you heard about the “Donate & Learn” event at Ryerson University June 30, 2015?

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One of our office space for rent tenant, Green Lotus, is organizing the annual Donate & Learn Expo to help small businesses learn the latest online marketing techniques, while giving back to a great cause. How did it all start? In early 2012 Bassem Ghali (Founder of Green Lotus) wanted to give back to the community in a big way. With his expertise and network of marketing professionals, Bassem wanted to create an online marketing workshop and bring the community together in support of a local charity. More than 220 guests attended the sold-out event and he raised close to $3,800 for the YWCA Toronto! In 2013, the Donate & Learn initiative gained the support of GoDaddy. With GoDaddy as a major supporter, the Donate & Learn initiative grew. The Donate & Learn Workshop was sold out for a second time with over 260 attendees and another $4,185 raised for […]

Tips for Having a More Successful Webinar

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After reading our previous blogs on Attending Webinars and Conducting Webinars, one of our office space for rent tenants suggested that we make another blog with tips that he has learned over the past few years as a webinar presenter. He also pointed out to us a great blog he read last year from Adobe called Six Tips for A New Webinar Presenter that he said would have helped him when he was starting out conducting webinars. The first step in having a more successful webinar is planning your webinar. The better planned your webinar is, the better chances you have of having a more successful webinar. Two big parts of your planning should be to plan your presentation design and to plan the engagement or your audience. Plan your presentation design.  Don’t just plan your content or material, plan how you are going to present it to your audience and […]

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