How to find and rent downtown Toronto office space within your budget

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Finding and renting a downtown Toronto office space that is within your budget is not as difficult as you think. Just follow some simple steps. Step 1: Estimate your budget This step may sound like a no-brainer, but some people skip this step and end up with office space that they eventually find out that it is beyond their budget. By establishing your budget, you will save yourself a great deal of time during your search. Part of establishing your budget is deciding if you are looking for raw office space that will require you to purchase office furniture and equipment, or if you want to rent a serviced office space that comes with office furniture. Step 2: Figure out how much space you need Do you need a small 500-square-foot office or do you need 5,000 square feet of space? Calculating how much office space your business needs is […]

Buying vs leasing vs renting office space – different perspectives!

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When a growing small business reaches that point where operating from a home office is no longer an option, the owner is faced with the choice of buying, leasing or renting office space. There are plenty of other articles on the Internet to help you through the legal and financial options of leasing over buying, but most do not address the potential of renting office space without a lease at an office business centre. For the purposes of this blog, we will define the three options more practically. Buying office space: This would be space within an office condo complex or a business complex, but it could also be a stand-alone building that is not in a business area. Leasing office space: This refers to traditional raw office space that is in an office building or tower, meaning that the space is yours to set up as you like. Renting office […]

The Heartbleed Bug and Small Business

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It seems the tech talk around the world over the past week has been Heartbleed. This newly discovered security vulnerability puts users’ passwords at many popular websites at risk of being exploited. Even this morning at our office space for lease, small business owners are talking about this latest security problem and are asking questions. Heartbleed is the name for a vulnerability in the OpenSSL (Open Source Secure Sockets Layer) encryption model that is used by many popular websites, such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo and the Canada Revenue Agency, along with many others. When you connect to one of these trusted websites, the extend “handshake” between your computer and the web server that sets up the secure connection changes the http to https in the address bar and adds the little picture of the lock to let you know you have a safe connection. Read more about Heartbleed at […]

Buying an Existing Small Business

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There are basically two ways of buying an existing business – buying an existing business or buying a franchise (new or existing). With a non-franchise business there is less support than with a franchise business, but there are also no franchise fees and/or royalties to be paid. For the purposes of this blog, we will not be looking at manufacturing or inventory-based businesses, but more service-bases small businesses. One of the first steps that someone taking over an existing small business should consider is to do a review of its history and the way it operates. This means having a thorough look through its’ financial statements (this is best done by an accountant who knows what to look for). The buyer should also review the operating documents and practices. Some of the items to be reviewed include: Accounts Receivable Reviewing the accounts receivable and accounts history will help to determine […]

Serviced Office Space can save you Money

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When you hear serviced office providers like Telsec Business Centres talk about saving clients time and money by offering Toronto office space in a business centre environment, the question that almost immediately follows is just how does the business centre actually work and what are the benefits for tenants? The best way to start off is by talking about the savings through shared office services. Using this model, one company does not have to pay for all of the office services on its own. Many of the overhead costs are shared with a number of other businesses at the centre. In traditional Toronto office space for lease arrangements where you rent out raw space in a large office building, your company is responsible for every cost associated with the office space you lease. This means that your purchase of utilities, maintenance, cleaning, garbage removal, telephone system, high-speed internet and other […]

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