Stop worrying about millennials and get ready for Gen Z

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Millennials (aka Generation Y) are those born between 1982 and 1993 are proving to be a very entrepreneurial generation. But the next generation may be even more ambitious than them! Enter Gen Z (those born between 1994 and 2010) or what is called “The internet generation” – who are by far the most tech-savvy, connected and self-educated group. Unlike Millennials who love the gig economy, research is showing Gen Z want steady paycheques. What also makes Gen Z different? They claim to be both more accepting and more rebellious. Rebellion was pretty much absent for Millennials in their youth, as they seemed to have had a very shiny outlook on things. Gen Z is upset about the system that they’re inheriting – so it seems rebellion is back. The first members of Gen Z will be graduating from university in just a few years, and market researchers and trend forecasters […]

Pan Am Games and the effect on Toronto Small Business.

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Today’s blog was supposed to be about entrepreneurial trends and list some statistics, but instead we are going to talk about some issues that our office space clients are talking about regarding the Pan Am Games in Toronto. With the Pan Am games in Toronto, many of our office clients have chosen to either work from home or to take public transit to the office. This is mainly due to the added road congestion caused by the temporary HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) lanes on the Don Valley Parkway and the Gardener Expressway. The intent of these lanes is to allow official Pan Am Games vehicles, buses, taxi cabs and vehicles with more than 3 persons to move along the roadways faster and avoid traffic. One of our office space tenants mentioned this morning that they would try using an Uber car to get to work, but they quickly found out that […]

Working Wireless in the Office? You Need to Know who has Access.

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As Wi-Fi technology improved and faster speeds resulted, businesses who did not want the expense of running wires all through their offices started to look more seriously at Wi-Fi. With the help of stronger signals and better equipment, the Wi-Fi alternative started to become more popular. While businesses use repeaters and wireless access points to maximize the strength of connection in their office space, small businesses found that these solutions could also be scaled to their needs. In a smaller office space for rent, you may only need one access point! Today you cannot go down the street and have your device telling you of available WiFi access points. Today, just about every location – from coffee shops and restaurants, librarys, bookstores and many other places – offers Wi-Fi. You can now even get Wi-Fi when traveling by plane, bus or train. Even when no free hotspots are available, most smartphones […]

Tips for Renting Office Space or an Apartment

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When people think about renting office space, the forget that finding a quality office space is similar to finding an apartment rental. But sometimes finding a good office space is a lot easier and comes with a lot less hassles. So here are some tips that can be applied to both office space rentals and apartment rentals. Tip #1: Location, Location, Location Ideally, you want to find an office space location that is both prestigious and convenient. A prestigious office location will tell your customers and potential clients that you mean business and that you have standards. But be careful not to choose a location that will intimidate your clients into believing your prices will be too high in order to afford this address. The location of your office space also needs to be convenient for you and your staff and clients to get to. A good office location will […]

Office Space Solutions for Colds and Flu

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It is cold and flu season once again and people around our office space for rent Toronto are scrambling to find the cure all ... but the best cure for colds and flu's is prevention. While getting the flu shot will help, there are plenty of ways to help prevent the spread of the flu.

The only Wrong Office Space for Rent Toronto Question, is the Question not asked!

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People, by nature are often afraid to ask a question because they think their question is a bad question or a wrong question to ask. But if you listen to any public speaker or expert on any topic (such as office for rent Toronto) they will always say that the only bad question anyone will ask is the question that is not asked.

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