Business Centres Make Your Business More Professional

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When talking about office business centres, a lot of people will say that they are used by small businesses to look bigger than they are. The truth is that business centres make your business more professional – and not just because of the professional business address. Having a professional receptionist is not about having the appearance of someone answering your calls; it’s about having someone answer your calls and handling them at your direction in order to better serve your customers and potential clients. While appearances are important to a small business, having the right tools, equipment and on-demand support staff are also very important because they help firms succeed while saving on capital costs – as well as the costs of full-time support staff. The capital costs of leasing or buying modern photocopiers and network printers are burdens that a lot of small businesses do not want to assume, […]

What Office Space Amenities do you Expect When Renting an Office?

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Office space amenities can be very important, but being able to get ones that are not included as a cost in the original lease can be even more important. Far too often when people are searching for office space, weather it be traditional raw office space or serviced office space at a business centre, they assume that certain amenities will either be available or they can gain access to them or install them on their own. Recently this writer moved into a new apartment unit that was created within an existing apartment building. I made arrangements to have an Internet company come and hook up my service. When I moved into the apartment, I noticed that there were plenty of electrical outlets, but there was no telephone jacks or cable outlets. Not having these outlets would make it difficult to get either DSL Internet via a telephone line, or to […]